The Road to Warrior Dash: Day Eight

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Biking with the Boyz…and maybe some girlz too.

There were girls too. Three of them. James’ sister, Jamie, joined us again along with two other ladies that will be doing Warrior Dash with our group. We went 7.53 miles one way and 7.54 miles on the return trip. Fifteen miles total is pretty good but I have done better. I’ve ridden 22 miles with less difficulty before.

Here are the obstacles I faced today:

  • It was friggin’ cold and that made it harder to peddle!
  • My bike had a cable that was stretched and twisted so I was unable to shift and had to ride the whole trip without being able to change gears and that made it harder to peddle. That sucked!
  • I took my daughter with me in a seat that was mounted on the rear of my bike giving me an additional 36 pounds to pull and that made it harder to peddle.
  • My back tire was losing air so it was half flat during the whole trip and that made it harder to peddle.
  • I was still sore from rock climbing Friday and lifting weights Saturday and that made it harder to peddle.

Anyone see a pattern forming? You know what? I peddled anyway. I peddled my ass off and I made it despite the challenges. I was slower going back but I still pushed on. That’s the same thing I’m going to do during Warrior Dash. I may be slower than everyone else but I’ll get to the end. I’m counting on it.

Today’s Exercise

Here’s the first leg of the trip:

Here’s the return trip home:

Tomorrow: Thrown off course

  1. Melissa says:

    Most people would have given up. Or not taken their daughters with them. Or quit halfway through the ride.

    I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: I’m proud of you and you are going to inspire SO many more people than you think!

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