The Road to Warrior Dash: Day Twenty-Five

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been a bad, bad, blog boy

It seems that it’s harder to blog on the days I spend with my daughter and I’m not apologetic or regretful for the quality time I’ve had with her. I think there’s only two or three people that actually read this blog anyway.

Know this: I haven’t stopped exercising. I have been eating better and healthier than I have in a LONG time. I continue to gather my inspiration from Tyler at and from Mark’s Daily Apple. I’ve started eating according to the Primal Blueprint along with my sister and brother-in-law. It’s a lot easier than I hoped. I still have near 2200 calories per day but much of it comes from Vegetables, Proteins and Fruits with an emphasis on lowering carb/grain intake. I drink a lot of water and a cup of green tea everyday that I brew personally so I know exactly what’s in it. I feel good. My energy is up, I’m sleeping better. I’M CLIMBING THE STAIRS WITHOUT HOLDING THE RAIL SINCE MY LEGS HAVE GONE THROUGH A MUSCLE INCREASE!!! It’s all the squats. I can honestly say that I feel better than ever and my support comes from so many friends and family.

As supportive as they are, I know they’re also concerned that I don’t injure myself or have a heart attack during Warrior Dash. Matt and James will be there to babysit me through it all. I use that term (babysit) loosely. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Matt and James have stood by my side during countless days. They provide support through bike rides, rock climbing, text messages throughout my week. These guys are the foundation I stand on. James was even there helping me find thermals for the cold water and to hopefully keep the mud out of my crotchal regions.

I’ve got so many people to thank but I’m saving that blog for Sunday after Warrior Dash is behind me. Just know that if I haven’t mentioned you yet, your time is coming.

Three days to the dash

That’s it. Today, tomorrow and Friday. Saturday morning, it’s ON! Pray for me, write me enthusiastic comments here and on my Facebook wall. I still enjoy a motivational boost!

Today’s Workout

25 Squats
10 Pushups (at 330 something pounds! Go me!)
60 crunches
2 minutes of jogging in place
(the above four exercises were for a fitness test on My Fitness Coach for the Wii. I’m starting that program tomorrow.)

…and I’m not done exercising yet! Now that my brother-in-law and sister are off to work and can’t see me flailing about like an unbalanced hog, I’m going downstairs to move the couch and apothecary table to do 4 miles of jogging in place with Leslie Sansone to strengthen ankles, legs and core a bit so I may be able to jog in spurts on Saturday. We shall see!

See you tomorrow!

  1. James Jessup says:

    Love you like a brother, but if you get mud in your crotchal regions, YOU get to sort that out! That said, we’re going to beat this thing like it owes us money!

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh dear with the mud. Oy.

    Have fun with that DVD – did you burn it yet so I can have the original back? 🙂

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