June Giveaway!

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Motivational, Primal Cooking, Reviews, Shopping

I talked with Primal Toad this morning and he is giving me two of his smoothie recipe eBooks to add to the June giveaway. One of them will go to the winner of the blender and the other will go to the runner-up. I’ve made several of these smoothies already and they’re pretty amazing. Go check out Toad’s blog a http://primaltoad.com

So I’m feeling generous. Good things are happening for me and I want them to start happening for you too. Thanks to The Primal Toad, I found a great personal blender for making primal smoothies at home. This thing is fantastic. It’s small in size but still strong enough to blend ice. It is very portable and comes with two containers and two lids. The lids have a sliding opening at the top where you can sip your smoothies immediately after blending or place a straw in there if they’re a little too thick to gulp.

I really like the fact that you just pop the container off after blending and you’re ready to go. The blades are right inside the container so you blend your drink, take the container off, open the sliding lid and you’re drinking. I’m a big fan of having less to clean in the kitchen and this blender does the trick.

I have them available for you to purchase through my amazon affiliate account. By purchasing them from these links, you get the same great items I’ve personally tested and I get a little bit of money to help with my fitness expenses, registration fees for 5ks, biking events and equipment needs.

So, if you really want it now, you can buy it by clicking here:

The Road BEYOND Warrior Dash Recommends

OR…you can…

Get Something For Free

I’ve decided to purchase an extra blender for you. It’s completely paid for and you can have it by helping me increase blog subscribers and Facebook fans. Here’s how it works:

1. You use your social networks like Twitter, Facebook and such to send people to my blog (https://road2warriordash.wordpress.com) or Facebook Fan Page (http://www.facebook.com/theroadbeyondWD).

2. The person has to subscribe to the blog or click the LIKE button at the top of the Facebook page.

3. Once the person has subscribed/liked either or both of them they need to leave a comment on a blog post or on the fan page wall stating who referred them to the page.

The person with the most referrals on June 30th will be the proud owner of a very awesome, very new Hamilton Beach Personal Blender like I use every day. It will be shipped direct to the winner by me so there’s no cost to any of you. I’m just asking for a little of your time to help me share my blog and story with others.

Quick Fitness Update

I’m still deep in the midst of training for my first 5k run with Ben Davis on June 25th. Today was my final run for week four. I jogged a total of 16 minutes spread out in intervals. At the beginning of this week, I went 1.72 miles in 35 minutes. Today, I went 1.85 miles in 32 minutes. My Runkeeper stats say I went from 19 minutes per mile to 17 minutes per mile. I feel great today. I feel like I’m starting to accomplish greater things and as I sit here and type this blog entry, I’m REALLY glad I went jogging at 7:30 this morning because it’s pouring outside my window right now.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for taking part in the giveaway. Talk to you later!

  1. Hey! I own this blender. It’s amazing. Love it!!!!!

    • Pasquale says:

      It is pretty great. So far I’ve used it almost daily for a Smoothie. I also emulsified a vinaigrette in there and it came out awesome!

  2. […] was hoping things would kick off a little stronger with my June giveaway for the Hamilton Beach personal blender. I haven’t had much response. To be honest, I haven’t had any. I’ll stand by my […]

  3. Hannah says:

    Hey Pasquale remember you can do this! I know it seems hard but I have been following your blog. So I thought you might like a little comment to know that yes people do care and yes I would love a blender but I didn’t know who to send here. I will look through my friends and see who to send. 🙂

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