Primal Blueprint LHT: Planks

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Fitness
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Primal Blueprint Fitness always causes me to sweat heavily but the planks killed me today. I’m on level 2 right now and in order to move to level 3 I need to be able to do 90 second forward planks on my knees and elbows. Then I turn on to my right elbow for a 45 second side plank. Then I do the same on the left.

I got to the 60 second mark on the forward plank. That’s usually when my arms give out but today I held it for the full 90 seconds. I breathed heavily and I sweat heavily. Every time I exhaled, my whole body shook.

The same went for the side planks. I usually do okay on the first set but in the second set I can never hold for the full 45 seconds. Today, I did. It burned but I can say “mission accomplished”.

Technically I’m ready to move to level 3 planks on my elbows and toes but I’ll make sure I can do one more day like this first.

  1. Warrior Dash says:

    What an intense training! Go! Reach for the highest level!

  2. Great job!!! I tried to do planks and push ups on my Wii fit and um, let’s just say, that’s WAY harder than it looks! Keep pushing through and keep up with your plan. It’s paying off. =)

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