The Road to The Do Life Tour 5K: Day 1

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Fitness

Okay it wasnt exactly day 1. I’ve been training for this event for six weeks now. There are six training days left before I run beside one of my inspirations, Ben Davis from

Today I did my Couch 2 5k, week 6 day 1 program. It went like this:

5-min walking warmup
5-min jog
3-min walk
8-min jog
3-min walk
5-min jog
5-min walking cooldown

After finishing, I went straight to the car and got my bike. I immediately rode 10.17 miles. My legs were like jelly for about 5 minutes into the transition from running to cycling but then my muscles took hold and I managed speeds around 12mph.

It was a pretty good morning. Five more training days and I’ve got my first 5k!!! I’m pumped!!!

Daily thanks:
Matt for jogging/cycling beside me.

  1. A true tale of inspiration Pat, very proud of your determination!! Can’t wait to hear more.

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