The Road to The Do Life Tour 5K: Day 2

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Fitness

This was it. The last day of walking/running intervals. I had my father drop me 1.5 miles away from home on the cross-seminole trail and then he took care of my daughter while I travelled almost 2 miles in 34 minutes.

Today I did my Couch 2 5k, week 6 day 2 program. It went like this:

5-min walking warmup
10-min jog
3-min walk
10-min jog
5-min walking cooldown

I feel like it went well. My lower leg muscles get a good burn. I like the burn. When I used to run in high school, I’d give up as soon as I felt the burn. I used to think that was my body telling me I couldn’t go any further. Now I know it’s my muscles telling me that I’m doing something right. It’s like a scaled down version of the burn that Bruce Banner probably felt when he started to Hulk out! Okay…I’m starting to geek out. I’ll spare you all any further nerdness!

Talk to you later!

  1. baribob says:

    yes, I know that burn Pat. When training and increasing my distances for the disney half, I’d usually get to a point about 3/4’s of the target distance when things would start to hurt. I’d say to myself “there it is, this is the work part”. didn’t like it, but it didn’t surprise me.

    Bob R.

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