The Road to The Do Life Tour 5K: Day 4

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

It was a pretty nice morning. We had a lot of rain last night so the humidity was high. That tends to make me sweat more. Today was Couch 2 5k Week 7 Day 1. It went like this:

5-minute Walking Warmup
25-minute Jogging non-stop
5-minute Walking Cooldown

I had some difficulty today. I say that loosely because I averaged 18 minutes per mile. Last week I did 25 minutes non-stop at an average of 19 minutes per mile. The difficulty came in the form of a little ache in my left shin. Nothing serious but it was more than it has been over the past four weeks. My muscles were being used a lot more. There was a time in the beginning when I noticed my stride had widened slightly. My muscles were handling the shock better and I was going further quicker. I noticed this toward the end too as I pushed myself to get just a little bit further than the last time. I had two minutes of jogging left and I’d see a picnic table in the distance and think…”just make it to that table”. Then I’d get to the table and see a tree and think…”go for that tree! Push!”. Then I made it to the tree and I saw a guard rail to prevent cars from driving onto the trail and think…”just get to the end of that rail!” Well, I did.

It was a difficult 25 minutes but I went further. Only one week remains. Next Saturday at this time, I’ll be driving out toward Winter Garden/Clermont to jog with Ben Davis, Pa and Jed for the Do Life 5k Tour. I cannot wait. In case you have started reading my blog late, this is Ben Davis:

His father and brother, Jed, are the ones crossing the finish line with him at the end of the video. I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet all of them. Ben’s story is a big reason why I wanted to start adding jogging to my fitness regime. It’s why I continue to push myself to lose this weight. If he started out looking as big as me and managed to do it, then why can’t I?

Together, We Will

So I’m encouraging you to come and meet my posse. Next week’s 5k is open to the public and it’s free. You just have to show up. I’m going to be there and so will Matt and James. Come meet me and the guys that push me and inspire me. Come jog with us…slowly…but come do it anyway. I want as many of my friends and family beside me as I continue to accomplish fitness goals. This is the first big one. My first 5k. Come on! Let’s do it together.

Details for the Do Life Tour 5k in Orlando are here: June 25, 2011 Do Life Tour 5k Orlando

Special Thanks

Thanks to Jennifer for jogging alongside me this morning. Jennifer is the cousin of my long time friend, Stefanie. She’s a hardcore jogger. Prior to our jog, she had already jogged three miles with her Track Shack group at 6 a.m. and she still wanted to come along. She’s been telling Stefanie she wanted to meet me because she thinks I’m funny. This morning I was not funny and I wasn’t sure sweat and slow jogging were the best conditions for a first time meeting. Oh well, she sees past that. OH! AND she’s got a boyfriend who is an uber comic geek like me. I’m looking forward to meeting him soon too so we can discuss important things like Green Lantern.

The Little Things

I’ve decided to start posting a new list on days when I start to notice little changes that mean a lot. When you’re as fat as I’ve been, it’s a big deal when stuff like this starts to happen.

  • My right arm is on the armrest for MY chair in the car now, NOT the passenger armrest!
  • I used to have dry, dark, alligator skin on my lower back and legs from being unable to reach to wash. Happy to report that my skin is all silky smooth. I can actually lace my fingers together behind my back now!
  • I said it earlier this week. I can put my shoes on without sitting down or running out of breath!
  • I can climb the stairs with strength in my legs. Also without running out of breath and sweating!

That’s it for now. Talk to you later!

  1. Melissa says:

    I really, really wish this 5K was on a different day so that I could be there. I’m sad we’re going to be out of town for this. I want to jog with you some time. I want to see if I’d even be able to keep up with you! 🙂

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