No Road. Today, I travel by water

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Fitness

Welcome “Back” to the same place you knew before…

Well, no one has mentioned it but I haven’t jogged the final two days of week seven to train for my 5k on Saturday. I have good reason.

Since 2001, I’ve had this wicked herniated disc that won’t quit. Initially, the injury caused me to lose the use of my legs for a year. I was wheelchair bound and unable to walk. In the years that followed, my weight problem would cause the injury to come back at the most inconvenient times. I could barely walk/stand on the day of my daughters birth. It made it hard to hold her when I wanted to most.

I could barely walk/stand when I performed the wedding ceremony of my sister to my friend. It always hits me during important moments.

I’ve been careful while losing weight. Last week I started to notice the ache coming around again. I finished all of week six in Couch 2 5k and the first day of week seven. Then I found it necessary to take a few days off to rest my back.

Mark my words, this injury will not prevent me from finishing my first 5k on Saturday. I refuse to allow it!

SUP Tonight!

If you follow me on Facebook/Twitter you’ve seen my constant posts about being interested in Stand Up Paddleboarding. You’ve seen me shop prices and seen me express my frustration at the shock of what an investment like this costs.

Tonight, I’m going to try before I buy. Keep in mind that buying won’t happen until long after I’ve gotten a job, moved into my own place and saved at least $1500 smackeroos! If I like this tonight, I know some places I can rent for a low cost and do it once in a while until I decide I can’t live without my own.

I’m taking a beginner SUP class at 6:15 tonight down in Winter Park. There are 11 people going. I’m excited but as I sit and think about it today, I wonder how much of my time will be spent trying to get on the board for the first time. How many times will I fall into the water?

We shall see. Expect a full review tomorrow. For now, I leave you with a view of the lake from the dock where we will depart this evening.

Talk to you later!

  1. Melissa says:

    I’m glad you’re being smart and resting your back rather than pushing it. Hope you have fun tonight!

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