The Road to The Do Life Tour 5k: One More Day

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is it. This time tomorrow, I’ll be moments away from my first 5k! I’m nervous and excited at the same time! It will help me to have friends beside me! I’m hoping to get through the whole event some time between forty minutes and an hour. I think I’d hate to be the one slowing the whole group down but I feel less concerned knowing that Ben says that it’s not about how fast we go. It’s about making sure we all finish together.

I’ll have RunKeeper going tomorrow, I’ll be taking pictures and live blogging before and after the event. I’ll be attempting to tweet after each mile to keep everyone informed.

Weekly Weigh-In

I was 302 yesterday. That’s three more pounds down and just two pounds from the first goal of 300. I’m excited at the thought of it and am planning to bust my tail to try and get those two pounds off before meeting Ben so I can share my first goal at the event tomorrow. If not, there’s always next week!

Talk to you later!

  1. alicia says:

    i’m so excited for you! you’re going to have so much fun! I will be thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way tomorrow morning!

  2. Melissa says:

    What are you going to do when you reach your goal of 300? You need to give yourself some kind of reward for that!

  3. lorileolani says:

    We’ll be there!

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