Another 5k Behind Me!

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Athletic Events, Fitness, Frustrations

Another Three Miles, Another Milestone

This July 4th weekend saw me finish another 5k event. Take a look at my banner up there and you’ll see another check mark added to the events I’ve planned to complete. That Disney 1/2 Marathon is still six months away so I’m taking suggestions on more events to work toward before January 2012.

The 20th Annual Watermelon 5k

Just one day after my first 5k with Ben Davis from, I signed up for another 5k. I had six days to get ready and I was feeling pretty good. I thought I’d figured out how to complete the 5k in 40-45 minutes this time. Then…then I got lined up to start and my plan changed dramatically.

Yeah…so you’re looking at a picture of the starting line from where I stood. You can’t see it. I couldn’t see it either but it’s up there. The highest numbered race bib I saw was 3549. By the time I made it over to the starting area, I was crammed in with the walkers. I wanted to get into the 10+ minute mile group but we were packed in and there was no moving up. I thought I might make my way through the walkers at the start and get to jogging.

So the run starts and it takes more than three minutes just to get from the point of this picture to the actual starting line. I was wrong about making my way through the walkers to start jogging for several reasons:

  1. When you’ve got more than 3500 people around you, it takes about 1.5 miles of walking for the crowd to thin out unless you’re one of the front runners.
  2. Many of the walkers were walking as fast or faster than I can jog.

Not As Fast As I’d Hoped

I finally got to a point where I could jog but I was already sore and tired from walking fast enough to be able to get around the “walkers”. At this point, I may as well have given in to being a walker. I devised a plan. I hydrated well before the event so as I approached the first water station, I took off to the left and started to jog. While others moved right to grab water, I took off past them. I did not get water, I did not pass GO, I did not collect $200. I jogged off and continued to jog for about 1.25 miles (same as the Do Life 5k). That’s about as far as I could go and I had to go back to walking. It’s okay. I was at the second water station when I stopped and I did grab some water this time. After passing the second mile I was about 45 minutes in to the event. I finished up the third mile and approached the gate to enter back into Mead Garden for my final approach to the finish line.

Making My Attack Run

As I got close to the gate, I realized my RunKeeper app said I was at 55 minutes and I wanted to finish this thing in under an hour. I took off at the fastest walking pace I could muster up and got through the park entrance. Right around this time, my friend Alyson came walking up beside me and said “I wanted to meet you here and finish with you so I could say I did a 5k with Pat”. To me, it was the equivalent of Han pulling the Falcon up behind Luke’s X-Wing and shouting “You’re all clear, kid, now let’s blow this thing and go home!”.

So I finished. According to the event clock in this picture, I did it in 1:02:43. Keep in mind that it took over three minutes for me to get from my start point to the actual starting line. I started RunKeeper just as I passed the start line so I could have an accurate finish time at the end. According to RunKeeper, I finished this 5k in 59 minutes and 56 seconds. 4 seconds short of an hour. I still did it under an hour. Not by much but within the time range I wanted. Here are some finish line pictures of me and Alyson crossing over. The last one is me reaching out to take my daughter’s hand since she waited patiently for an hour to see her daddy finish.





What’s Next

If you’ll take another look at the banner up top, you’ll notice a new log. As I complete the writing of this post, I have just signed up for the Track Shack Celebration of Running 5k presented by Florida Hospital. I’m ready to do it again! It takes place on Saturday, August 13th at 7:30 a.m. Who wants to join me?

Talk to you later!

  1. Lorrie Thomas says:

    You are amazing, my friend. Keep it up.

    • stacy says:

      This was my first 5K I actually ran this year. A landmark day for me, and another great event for you. I have spent the evening reading your blog posts and love your dedication, Well done! This journey is not an easy one. But yoru hard waork is clearly paying off in more ways than one. And now you are paying your inspiration forward, again.well done!

      • Pasquale says:

        Thanks, Stacy! I appreciate you saying that. Good job on the 5k! I have only done three 5k runs and a half marathon. I’m planning to do more this year. What do you have planned for 2012?

        I know a few Stacys. Which one are you? If you don’t want to put a last name here, then email

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