Review: Front Running Sports

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Quick Note: I am not affiliated in any way with Front Running Sports. They didn’t pay me or provide me with anything except great customer service. I paid $90+ for the New Balance 860s out of my own pocket. I’m just an honest guy being honest about the things I use and the service I receive.

One Friday Afternoon…

I found myself driving down to a local track shoe store to pick up my race packet for a 5k I was doing. James called during my drive and we wound up meeting up and driving there together. It was a great afternoon filled with stops at five different fitness equipment stores for various sports. One of those stores was Front Running Sports in Lake Mary, FL. That’s where I found my new running shoes.

Front Running Sports

Upon entering the store, I was immediately overwhelmed by the enormous variety of shoes they had. Which one did I need? I’m not a runner and I really don’t know how to pick the proper shoe but that’s okay. Front Running Sports knows how to analyze each person’s walk/run in order to find the perfect shoe. As we walked in the store, we were greeted by Ari and, owner, Brian NeSmith.


The first thing Ari had me do is measure each of my feet for length and width. I was given a pair of test shoes to put on and then I got onto a treadmill. This treadmill had a camera behind it filming each of my steps. I walked slow at first and worked my way up to a slow jog. Once Ari had enough footage, we watched the playback frame-by-frame on the monitor and it didn’t take much to notice how much I over-pronate. I could see my ankles rolling inward toward the center of my body showing an issue with my arches. Ari was able to enter my information into the computer and find out which shoes they had in stock that would correct this issue.


We moved back to the fitting area and several boxes and brands were brought out. The best fit to me was the New Balance 860. I tried a few others but kept coming back to that shoe. That was the shoe I purchased and I used it in my first 5k three days later. I’m happy to have found the right fit and performance for my body.

The Difference

I’ve been to another local pro-running store. When I walked in, it took a while for one of the sales members to stop and ask if I needed assistance. Two were just standing around talking and others assisted people that walked into the fitting area before me. I really got the feeling that if you didn’t have the physical look of an experienced runner no one expected you to be a serious buyer. I left that place fairly unhappy…first for the lack of service and second for inflated prices.

With Front Running, I was greeted in a friendly manner as soon as I entered. Not in a “I’ve got to sell you something now” way. Just a friendly “let me know if I can help” way and help is exactly what I received. People that are first getting in to jogging can find it very intimidating when they finally make the decision to purchase the right equipment. Front Running Sports, Brian and Ari really took the intimidating part out of it and I liked that very much.

Two weeks later

I was at Front Running Sports on 7/1/11. At the time of this post, I’ve been in the New Balance 860s for two full weeks and have completed a 5k in them. They are definitely the right shoe for a heavy guy like me. They absorb much of the impact on my back and knees and I have not felt that shin splint feeling since wearing them. I’m a happy guy.

Check Out Front Running Sports

You can visit on the web at
Here’s the rest of their contact information for everyone that’s local.

Front Running Sports
1061 S. Sun Drive, Unit 1017
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Phone: (407) 322-1299

Talk to you later!


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