The Spice & Tea Exchange

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Primal Cooking, Reviews, Shopping


Yesterday I was walking around Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL. If you’ve never been there, it’s full of various shops, salons/spas and restaurants. On Saturdays there’s also a great farmer’s market held nearby.

I stumbled upon The Spice & Tea Exchange and wanted to share. When you enter the store, it’s full of shelves with glass jars containing loose teas, sugars, salts, spices and spice blends. The owner came over to welcome us and invited us to uncap any of the jars and inhale the fragrant blends.

I started off with the salts and found many of them very interesting, especially the Applewood and Hickory salts. I moved on to the spice blends and found many great varieties of curries and ethnic blends.

The spices were next and you can find everything you need including whole nutmeg and star anise. I love anise in chai and espresso.

In the middle of the room were the sugars and a sample of iced plum tea that the shopkeepers made from their loose leaf selection. It was tangy, naturally sweet and very refreshing since it was 94 degrees outside the shop door.

After the sample of tea I went over to smell some of the loose leaf tea blends. I’m a big fan of earl grey and their chocolate blend but in the end I didn’t purchase either.

I walked away with a Korean BBQ Rub and one ounce of the Cinnamon Plum tea.

Grilling the Chicken

I rubbed this chicken with the Korean BBQ blend this morning at 7 a.m., kept it refrigerated and covered and grilled it for lunch on a gas grill like this:

– Heat all burners on high to burn off food particles from last time.

– Brush the grill with a wire brush.

– Oil the grill plates.

– Turn off the right side burners.

– Grill chicken four minutes per side on the far left side of the grill and keep the cover down before and after flipping.

– After four minutes on side two, move the chicken to the far right side of the grill.

– Leave the far left burner on high and wait 12-15 minutes depending on the thickness of the meat. Mine were about an inch thick and ended up going 15 minutes for perfect doneness.

The flavors are incredible. You get a distinct Asian flavor that contains sesame and a slight sweetness. If you dry out your grilled chicken, I don’t think this would taste good but when done properly utilizing a combination of direct and indirect heat like I explained makes it comes out very nice. It’s crisp and flavorful on the outside and juicy in the center. Slicing thin and resting over a salad would create a satisfying primal meal. 20110716-113536.jpg

Brewing the Tea

I warmed a glass measuring cup with hot water while the tea water came up to temperature. I emptied the measuring cup and added 1.5 tsps of the tea leaves. I covered them with 8 ounces of hot water and let them steep for 4-6 minutes since this is an herbal and takes longer than a cup of green tea. While I waited I added 1 Tbsp of Webb’s local wildflower honey to my tea cup. Using a wire strainer over my cup, I poured the steeped tea catching all the loose tea.

This tea is insanely good. You taste currants, hibiscus and plum with subtle notes of cinnamon and licorice. I enjoyed this hot cup a little more than the iced sample I tried yesterday. This is a new favorite of mine.

I can’t wait to go back and try some other teas and spices. If you’d like to check out The Spice & Tea Exchange, here’s how to do it:

The Spice & Tea Exchange
309 N. Park Avenue
Winter Park‎ FL‎ 32789
Phone: (407) 647-7423

  1. Marrisa says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I’m really curious about that Koren BBQ rub!

  2. When we went, we taste tested the habanero sugar. HOLY COW!!!! A little goes a LONG way!!!!

    • Pasquale says:

      I saw that but didn’t try it. I tried the maple sugar.

      I wonder what you’d use habanero sugar for??

      • Guest says:

        the habanero sugar is great on BROWNIES for a sweet spicy surprise!

      • Pasquale says:

        Ooo! Thanks for that tip, Kirsten and thanks for sharing the blog through Facebook. One of these days when I’m splurging, I’m going to have to break down and try some of the sugars they’ve got. The Habanero Sugar has peaked my curiosity.

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