The NOT-SO Little Things

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Motivational

I Feel Good

I’m six pounds away from a 100-pound loss. I’ve noticed some changes but nothing that has changed me into an annoying person. At least…at least, I hope not. You’d tell me, right? I mean what if I’d lost it all over night? How would I act? I noticed something today that equates to the 30 second mark of this video clip. Would I be like this?

Or would I be more like this?

Both versions of Buddy Love experienced a major weight loss overnight due to a miracle drug. So all of the feelings that come with gradual weight loss are shoved into a single moment. Will I be like those guys? Nah. I’ll be better educated about good eating and exercise. I hope I’m as cool and calm as Jerry Lewis’ version of Buddy Love minus the condescending, annoying a$$ho!e part.

I’ll just be happy being me. A NEW me.


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