Happy Birthday to Me

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Family, Friends, Motivational, Weekly Weigh-In

What Will Be?

I woke up this morning wondering. I’m 36 today. I’m not a little kid getting excited about how many gifts I’ll get to open and which friends will be at my party. I’m not wondering if my mom will bake me a Star Wars cake like I wanted. That was then. This is now…and it’s different. This morning I woke up wondering what will be the greatest thing I get to experience today as I celebrate another year.

Will it be the awesome chalkboard art on the kitchen wall that my sister and brother-in-law made for me while I slept? Will it be the gift of organic gummies and 70% dark chocolate they left on the table for me with a card to open?

Will it be the incredibly funny “The Office” card that they gave me knowing my sense of humor to a tee and creatively expressing something on the inside that they knew would make me laugh out loud? I have to admit that I LOVED this card!

Will it be the 2X Egyptian cotton shirt that my Mom and Chris sent from Hawaii that fits me perfectly and makes me feel happy and slim?

Will it be the VERY generous check I got from my father to purchase whatever I want? (note: don’t worry, dad. It won’t get spent on video games. This one is going toward practical things that enhance my fitness.)

Will it be the amazing video of my little girl singing her own “happy birthday” song that she made up?

Will it be the fact that I woke up to be greeted by my friend, the scale, telling me I’ve lost another pound? That’s pretty good too.

Will it be all the birthday wishes on my Facebook wall from friends and family? Will it be the surprises I’m in store for later?

To all of my friends and family that have been sending me wishes and gifts on this day, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nothing I’ve received so far has gone unnoticed. I appreciate every wish and gift from every one of you. All of your wishes and gifts are an incredible addition to the best gift I’ve received this year…


As I turned 35 last year, I didn’t care about going out to jog or paddleboard or bike. I didn’t care about changing to a paleo/primal lifestyle. I didn’t care about expanding or enhancing my life. I was getting older and depressed and felt there wasn’t any way to go but down but I learned. That has been the greatest experience. Waking up and understanding that, at 36 years old, things aren’t over. I’m older but I’m wiser and younger and happier and healthier. I’m blessed with many things I never had…

Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Hannah says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope it is blessed and you are surrounded by your loved ones!! 🙂 You are such an inspiration let’s make our thirties awesome!!!!!

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