Primal Bread FTW!!!!

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Primal Cooking

We came across a primal bread recipe online at She Cooks…He Cleans. I had my doubts but I’ve made this recipe twice.


With the first attempt I made the bread for a sandwich for my four-year old. It puffed up nicely in the microwave like the recipe said it would. I sliced the loaf in two and filled it with a smear of almond butter and Nutella. Then I put sliced bananas in it and cut it in half. My daughter was very happy and ate most of it but it makes a pretty big, dense loaf and is a lot to eat.



Since one recipe yields two loaves, I sliced the other one and my sister put in sliced Applegate Farms turkey and some cheese. She buttered both sides and we grilled it in a cast iron skillet. We split that with my brother-in-law. At that moment the creative juices started flowing. We were talking of primal hamburger buns and French toast.


Today I made another batch. I had some help…


This time I use my culinary filet skills to get three slices per loaf. I froze four of the slices. The other two were grilled in the cast iron skillet with a hamburger. I put some local blue cheese on it from The Winter Park Dairy and…well…I’m excited to have some form of bread again that keeps me from going outside the primal blueprint.


I don’t think I’ll make this every day but it is a worthwhile recipe to have in case I get a craving for a sandwich.

Leave a comment with your ideas for what you’d make with primal bread.

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  2. I love that your daughter got her peanut butter and banana sandwich! Thanks so much for the nice comments. It is nice to be able to whip up a sandwich when you just HAVE to have one.

    • Pasquale says:

      Sandwiches are just scratching the surface. I froze four slices and I’ve got every intention of making French Toast tomorrow morning!

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