From the Kitchen: Primal Popsicles

Posted: October 4, 2011 in From The Kitchen, Primal Cooking

Welcome to my first “From the Kitchen” post! I’m excited to be cooking more frequently and sharing my own recipes and ones from around the web with you.

This week I found a recipe for primal popsicles over at The Cavewoman Cafe. Go ahead and click the link to get the recipe for three different kinds of popsicles.

I live in Florida and, while this doesn’t make much sense to me, it’s nearly impossible to find good popsicle molds during the fall. I was told they were put on clearance and not in stock anymore at one store and at the second store, I had to settle for a flimsy cheap version near the enormous section of powdered sugary drinks I refuse to give my child. She’ll never know the false joy brought on by a giant glass pitcher-man filled with sweet, red liquid crashing through the wall of the house to start the party. I have to agree with, comedian, Dane Cook when he says:

If a 400 pound jug of juice came bashing into your house screaming ‘OH YEAH’ and dancing with tights on…and he just busted through a wall and kids would drink out of him after debris fell into his open, idiot head. Asbestos and lead paint fell inside his head…and he would pour his fruity blood into glasses screaming ‘OH YEAH! OH YEAH!’ and they would drink his fruity, dirty blood out of his open head and be like…’thanks, Kool!’.

No! If that was me, I’d be like ‘no no…I don’t want to drink from you…I want you to fix this !@#$ wall before my dad gets home from work. He’s not going to believe that a dancing bowl of fruit punch came in here! I’m going to get beat with a toaster, I swear to god! OH YEAH?! OH NO! That’s your problem! Your slogan should be ‘OH NO! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO THIS BEAUTIFUL HOME?!?!’

…but I lose myself in tainted advertising that is aimed toward our children. So, today’s lesson is: Don’t take fruit punch from a top-heavy glass man in tights.

Back to the popsicles. First we made the Chocolate Coconut Bliss Bars. They were amazing. I struggled a little to get them out of the $2 popsicle mold but eventually was able to pop one out. They were extremely chocolatey and dark but they were smooth and the texture was great like a fudge pop. Mine was a little melted on the outside from running the mold under warm water so I sprinkled a little coarse salt on it to give it that sweet and salty taste I tend to enjoy so much. They really are great and you can relax and know that quality, unprocessed ingredients are going into your body. That’s the real treat.

Next I made the Oregon Berry Pops. The prep time on these is minimal. I whipped up the blended ingredients using my Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. That also made cleaning up very quick and easy. The mixture was poured into the Popsicle molds and frozen overnight.

They’re very refreshing. Not too sweet and they have a nice, traditional Popsicle texture. Make these and enjoy them with your kids!

  1. […] is with me I feed her primal meals of fruit, all-natural meats, I make my own ice cream and popsicles for her and she never complains. If you love your kids and want to get ahead of the things that food […]

    • ziabaki says:

      Thanks for trying them out! Bet they are great in Florida! BTW try slicing a banana and putting the slices in the coconut bliss popsicle. OMG the best thing ever!

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