The Road 10/4/11: The Power of Friends

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Blog Posts, Family, Friends, Motivational, The Road

I’m so excited about The Primal Blueprint way of life. I am so glad to be part of a network of people that are living a healthier lifestyle. My sister and brother-in-law do it. My father is involved and doing great. When Mark Sisson issued the Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge on Mark’s Daily Apple, I wanted to get some friends involved.

So, I started a Facebook group and told 664 friends that they had to message me if they wanted to participate and be part of the group for 30 days. Only 14 people made an attempt but that’s 14 people that want to be healthier. I can only hope they see something in the changes I’ve experienced in only eight months.

I started the group on 9/14/11 and offered up documents, links and a few recipes and ideas. One week later, on 9/19/11, we started our 30 day journey. As of this posting we are exactly half way there. This is day 16 for all of us. I’m sharing a few stories of the people who have really jumped in and made the change because their lives required something that works.


Stefanie is a long time friend. Okay…she’s actually my sister’s best childhood friend. I used to be a little sh!t and beat her up and hold her underwater in our pool and headbutt her when we had people on our shoulders during chicken fights in the water. I was a complete a$$. We grew up and I still leave the occasional nasty, sarcastic comment on her Facebook wall but she’s really like another sister and when she told me about her stomach issues, I suggested The Primal Blueprint. Stefanie is really doing great and I’m excited for her. Weight loss is not the reason every person begins a primal lifestyle. She had been having some stomach problems and after a series of tests, the doctors were unable to determine the problem. I suggested the grain-free primal lifestyle. She wrote me this morning and here’s what she has to say about it.

So far my Primal experience has been amazing!!! As you know, I have been dealing with severe stomach issues for the past few years but symptoms became worse in the past several months. Pain, bloating, nausea just to name a few. I did this, not so much for weight loss, but more as a way of life to feel better. I can begin to tell you the SIGNIFICANT changes that I have noticed. I have had zero pain/discomfort within my stomach, I have more energy, I am sleeping better and I am no longer a grouchy ass because I feel great! I can’t thank you enough for passing this new way of life on to me!!!


Medical students often don’t get a lot of sleep, and meals are usually eaten on the run between classes, clinical experiences and studying. Exercise is limited at best because most of the day is spent on reading and sitting in lectures. As someone who doesn’t lose weight easily and who is prone to gain pounds quickly, I worried that starting medical school would mean going up a dress size or two. Instead, I have actually lost weight since starting school and a good deal of my clothing has become too loose. It’s because I started eating primal when I started school. Instead of munching on the starch-heavy cafeteria foods at lunch time, over the past two months I have opted to pack a primal salad, soup or leftovers from dinner. During breaks between classes, I take a walk outside instead of surfing Facebook. The results have been great. I feel better; I look better and I am happier. I worried that cooking at home and taking time out to exercise would decrease the amount of time I had available to study and increase my exam-time stress. That hasn’t been the case at all. Taking 30 minutes out each day to walk has given me time to destress and think, away from books, notes and tests, so that when I do sit down to study I am more focused and retain the information better. Eating better and exercising has helped me feel more energetic. And, what’s better, buying and preparing my own food has helped me adjust to losing a disposable income for medical student loans. All in all, switching to the primal lifestyle has made life easier and better.


Going primal: well, to be completely honest I chose to go primal as a last resort. I never struggled with weight issues until after the birth of my daughter 9 years ago. Since then it has been a constant up/down/up/down/up/up/up/down battle. I have built muscle under fat, over fat, I have extra skin, its just gross. Anyway, I have used pills, starvation, deprivation, low fat, low calorie, eating 6 times a day, taken shots, seen doctors, personal trainers, taken the advice of numerous educated and uneducated people. The thought of a high fat diet scared the bejeezus out of me otherwise I might have done this sooner. I figured though, that if you could do this, then I could do this. My friend, who I have known for many years and just recently became closer with. HE did it. Over 100 pounds. So why not?

So, after all trials and tribulations here I am. On the 30 day challenge and going strong. I’ve been about 98% primal so far. I DID eat a small pumpkin spice gelato when I was out looking at houses with Bryan but I don’t feel guilty about it. I literally have had no contact with bread, pasta, grains, beans, peanuts, etc.

I am avoiding the scale until the 30 days are up. I FEEL AMAZING. No bloat, no 3:00 slump. I’m happier and less stressed. Well, Bryan may not agree with me on that one. LOL. Truth be told I don’t really miss the breads and grains. My entire family loves the dinners I make every night, especially my kids. They are so conscience of what is going on their plates. Its adorable. I am satisfied on less food, because the food I am eating is so much more nutritious.

I wish I did go primal sooner. But I can’t look back. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m looking forward to it.


I call him “dad”. I can’t say my sister and I weren’t concerned when we found out dad was enjoying retirement by hanging out having drinks socially and eating pasta and cheesesteaks multiple times per week. During my unemployment I had to stay with dad for a few weeks. In that time, I cooked and exercised with dad and by the time I left he had made The Primal Blueprint part of his lifestyle and daily routine. I wasn’t preachy or whiny. I just showed him how I ate and cooked him some of the incredible tasting meals that are able to be enjoyed. He made the decision on his own. He’s reading labels and making sure there’s nothing bad in there. Just this week he was at the grocery store and jumping for joy because they started to stock Applegate Farms products. Look at the picture of the man! He’s Stand Up Paddleboarding and enjoying a new outdoor activity at age 65. He owns his board, he walks and bikes everywhere now and he just told me he decided not to renew his senior bus pass. I asked dad to give me his best explanation of how he feels and he wanted to tell everyone this:

The Primal Blueprint lifestyle has made me feel healthier than I have ever been. Along with exercise, I have lost 15 pounds in just a few weeks. I have had more energy lately and have lowered my blood pressure considerably without medications. I am able to fit back into some very expensive clothing which I had not worn in many years. My self-esteem is at an all time high. Thanks to my son and daughter for their encouragement and for setting an example for me with The Primal Blueprint. I have become a better man for it. At age 65, I have renewed the youth I had when I was 18.


I am feeling much better since I have started. It’s still early in the game, but I have lost 10 pounds since I started. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis. And since I have started, I am not waking up with aches and pains. I have done a little research and the starches and carbs actually aggravate arthritis. With this primal eating style. The inflammation should be less noticeable and, in turn, make the arthritis go into remission. That’s enough for me. No pain, makes for a happier Amy! Thanks for having me on board.




So, there are just a few of the group members and they’re all seeing success in different ways for different reasons. I’m seeing changes every day. When my daughter is with me I feed her primal meals of fruit, all-natural meats, I make my own ice cream and popsicles for her and she never complains. If you love your kids and want to get ahead of the things that food manufacturers are putting in their products, read The Primal Blueprint and change your life now. The money you spend on a little research and food now will quite possibly be saved in medical expenses later. If you’re interested in The Primal Blueprint, you can buy the book from my Shop and a portion of the sale goes into my account for fitness needs and registration fees. You can also start reading Mark’s Daily Apple and Primal Toad for great articles and ideas.

Stop by tomorrow for The Missing Link. Talk to you later.

  1. Marrisa says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love success stories! I’m so happy that this seems to be working for everyone.

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