Another of my favorite blogs to read each week is Balanced Bites. I came across this recipe for Grain-Free Zucchini Pancakes that I absolutely wanted to try. It appeared that I couldn’t go wrong since it only required four ingredients and sounded very similar to a snack I enjoyed in my youth.

I grew up Italian and my mother and grandmother used to make these zucchini bread-like squares that they called “Zucchini Appetizers”. They were great right out of the oven and they used eggs, zucchini, Bisquick, crushed red pepper, onion, and parmesan cheese. They smelled and tasted awesome and, to be honest, it was the only way you could get me to eat zucchini as a child. Every time mom or grandma made them, I would immediately start stealing them off the platter before the other guests could get their hands on them. This recipe for Zucchini pancakes seemed very similar so I decided to give it a whirl.

(img courtesy of

I followed the recipe exactly and just before dropping them in the cast-iron skillet, I longed for that taste of home and added in the crushed red pepper and grated cheese. I didn’t have enough time to chop up an onion. I dropped the batter a tablespoon at a time and they browned nicely. They held together during the flip and, again, browned nice and even on the second side. I flipped them out of the pan and they barely rested on the plate before Jenn and I were shoveling them into our mouths…and…and with my eyes closed and my memories close by, I was transported back to my childhood days and could almost see mom and grandma taking them out of the oven and passing them around warm. Food…even HEALTHY food still brings back memories. Smells and tastes can whisk us away to happy moments.

Since the recipe uses coconut flour, I didn’t have the guilt and regret of falling back on my old ways. I was able to enjoy these while still staying within the guidelines of The Primal Blueprint! It was a big win-win situation! I’ll have to pass the recipe along to mom and grandma and see if they want to throw tradition aside for a healthier option.

I’ve got a little batter left so I’m headed downstairs to see if it can be baked flat in an oven-safe glass pan so it’s shaped more like the “zucchini appetizers” that mom and grandma made. I’ll comment and let you know how it turned out. Make these for your family. We enjoyed ours as an appetizer to my “Shrimpy Mussels” that I’ll be blogging about in an upcoming “From the Kitchen” post.

Talk to you later!

  1. Barbara Hochreiter says:

    I want this recipe and hope that someday very soon you’ll do a cookbook.

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