The Road 10/12/11: Five Miles and a Shower.

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Athletic Events, Blog Posts, Fitness, Friends, Frustrations, The Road

This past Sunday I went on a 5-mike walk with James. We had originally planned to take a 40-mile bike ride but it’s been raining quite a bit in Orlando lately so we decided to keep our feet planted on the ground.

James and I walked around Crane’s Roost lake. I was decked out in full gear with a drybag for my iPhone and a Camel Bak filled with water. If I’d only known that we would have NO shortage of water that day…

We got about a 1/4 mile and it started to pour.

I’m not talking about some light drizzle. We were completely soaked in a matter of moments but we continued to press on with a smile.

In an effort to start preparing for the Walt Disney 1/2 Marathon, we started adding some jogging intervals. I haven’t jogged since dropping below 300 pounds and noticed the difference right away. My legs are stronger from all the biking and squats. Since my weight is lighter, I felt like I had a better bounce and speed. Maintaining the speed for more than 13 miles will be the real issue.

Going back to our walk/jog. About half way in and I looked down to see that my legs were covered in soap suds. It was all over my shorts and legs. I guess my washing machine could use a tune-up for the rinse cycle.

It was a fun day in the end. We managed over 5.2 miles and I know where I need work before January.

I wound up very tired and sore but still laughing from all the soap suds still coming out of my shorts.

Stay with me for the next few months and let’s see if I can complete this half marathon without getting picked up by the sag wagon!

  1. James says:

    Heck of a way to train for a half-marathon, but if there’s an underwater running portion, you and I will be ready!

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