Weekend Review: Halloween Frights, Fall Sights and Balloony Birthdays

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Weekend Review

We had SOME weekend! It was a busy time filled with plenty of Halloween/Fall fun and celebrating.


Holy wow! We spent the evening with a group of friends in Kissimmee, FL for The Lavene Family Trail of Nightmares.
It’s put on by a local family and the proceeds help fund The Children’s Miracle Network. The scares begin in the parking lot where you’ll be dodging cow pies. Bring a flashlight or you’ll have a sh!tty time! Oh yeah…watch out for the roaming bull!


On Saturday we started out with a ride over to The Winter Park Dairy for their amazing cheese and butter. After that it was over toJames’s (that’s proper possession and plurality there) house to celebrate a birthday with our favorite Power Rangers!

After the party we drove north to Astatula to visit Stanley Pond Adventure Farm. This is a short drive north past Apopka and we took the Padawan. They have giant games, horse rides, hay rides, airboat rides, fishing and a pumpkin patch.





The weekend didn’t get any less busy. We started out on a bike ride to Baldwin Park. 15+ mile trip and 1150 calories burned! Here are some pics from the trip.

After the ride, I took my daughter to another birthday party where I was also the balloon artist.

Thank you, Wedding Crashers. You’ve made it funny for kids to say “Make me a bicycle, clown!”. I never tire of hearing that…(if you can’t detect my sarcasm through text, trust me, it’s there.) I say it sarcastically because mine never ends by saying a smooth line to the cute girl and forgetting how much I dislike the high stress situations that balloon twisting creates.

Thankfully, the night ended happily with some burgers topped with the cheese from The Winter Park Dairy.


I want to end today with a quick shout to my buddy, Tommy. Tommy called from Ohio a few months back to say he’d been inspired by me, James and Matt. He decided he was going to start kicking a$$. Yesterday, he completed his first half marathon in Ohio. He says “First half marathon in the can. Didn’t do it in 3 hours like I wanted. I did it in 3 hours 7 minutes. Jogged 5 miles out of 13.1 and sprinted the last half mile.” That’s amazing and I’m super proud of him. Looks like all the old boys are going to spit in the face of death by obesity.

I start a new job this morning and I’m ahead of the game. I woke up, ate primal and packed a primal lunch for the day. You can read about it by clicking here. Got a great From the Kitchen post tomorrow. Stop back to read about my jalapeno burnt eye adventure!


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