From the Kitchen: Faux-Rito Kale Chips

Posted: October 18, 2011 in From The Kitchen, Primal Cooking

Oh, MAN!!! I’ve already told you how cool Jenn is but after my friend, Alicia, sent me a Facebook message saying she made some “dorito” kale chips with various powdered spices, the wheels in Jenn’s brain started turning!

The next thing I knew we were at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market buying onions, jalapenos and roma tomatoes. My sister and brother-in-law grow culantro (yes, CU. Not CI) in their backyard so we got a few leaves of that and set it all up in my Nesco Food Dehydrator!


Several hours later and I was using my mortar, pestle and new found muscles to grind all of it into powder. I made fresh tomato powder, onion powder and jalapeno powder. Let’s see if you can guess which one I was grinding in this picture.


The jalapeno powder was getting in past the mask and I was in a vulnerable position since my rib still hurt pretty bad and sneezing sucked! The powder went airborne and got around the edge of the mask. I didn’t realize this until I tried taking the mask off and it snapped into my eye leaving dust in it and burning the bejeezus out of me! After flushing my eye out in the sink for a bit, we were back to work. Here’s a little photo of the finished product.


While I was grinding the dried vegetables, Jenn made a paste out of some “secret” ingredients in my Hamilton Beach Personal Blender.


I cut the Kale into bite size pieces and tossed them with the ingredients in a bowl.


After that they were put back into the dehydrator to dry and crisp up.


A few hours later and we were sampling our work. These kale chips were so great. They were incredibly fresh and flavorful. The tomato powder gave them a false cheesy taste and the jalapenos made them spicy. Actually these were a little TOO spicy. As soon as a chip made contact with the tongue, it created an instant tingle and after four or five chips, our mouths were on fire. Here’s a picture of the finished product.


We had enough spice left over that we were able to make one more batch of kale chips and also used some for making beef jerky. I’m in love with the fresh taste this spice blend creates. I won’t ever crave a dorito again. Our “faux-rito” kale chips taste way better and are better for you! Look for this recipe in the upcoming cookbook we’re working on for 2012!

If you could duplicate your favorite junk food in a healthier form, what kind of ideas would you come up with? Leave a comment!

  1. Marrisa says:

    You guys are absolute rock stars. Seriously. I wish I had 1/10th of your creativity. I’d love some primal Cheetos!!!! LOL

  2. Heather says:

    oooh…..mozarella sticks. Or cheese in general. Anything with cheese. Cheese is just so….good. 😉

  3. Vincent Palazzolo says:

    I have tasted these incredible kale chips. Way better than Doritos and much healthier. You will be amazed at the similarity.

  4. Alicia says:

    A vegan friend of mine suggested adding nutritional yeast. She says it gives a nice cheesy flavor. I’m going to have to try that next time I make mine!

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