Weekend Review: A Petrified Forest, Avenue Q and Paddleboarding!

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Weekend Review

It’s odd. I left work on Friday and didn’t have that ‘ready for the weekend’ feel. The last 10 months have been one big weekend. What I realized quickly is that things I need to do are crowded into two days instead of every day. I made it work but it took a lot out of me. The weekend started, for me, started on


I came home after work on Thursday to meet friends for a cookout. I made bacon-wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates for the guests and they disappeared quick. After dinner we all drove in a caravan over to Altamonte Springs for a good scare at A Petrified Forest.


Holy crap!!! We got the poo scared out of us. This production does not mess around. We were put in prison and made to stand in a lineup for mugshots. After that, we saw the doctor.

We had to crawl through this wrecked, abandoned school bus and…well…

I won’t ruin the surprise for you but I can tell you there are back to back moments of terror. Very stressful. The worst part for me was the clowns. I hate clowns.

It’s not just some random scare trail through the woods. They build their sets following strict building guidelines and fire codes and they’re inspected by the Fire Dept., Police Dept., and Building Dept. before opening night. The whole trail is monitored by camera and a security team so you can know you’re safe while you’re getting scared.

The sets this year were amazing and the actors providing the scares were really good and doing what they do. We arrived and went through the trail first with our general admission. I’d spoken with the owners to let them know I’d be writing this review and, after we exited the path, I was given a behind the scenes tour by Zack. I’m very impressed with the backstage construction of A Petrified Forest. Zack even let me scare a group of visitors coming through the meat locker.


You can still visit A Petrified Forest from 10/27 to 10/31. They offer a few different options.

  • Scare Trail: $15.00
  • Backstage Tour: $10.00
  • Laser Tag: $7.00

There are also a few discount packages available and give you combinations of options for lower prices. If you go to the Facebook Page for A Petrified Forest, click the LIKE button and show them proof that you liked them on Facebook, you get $2.00 off your ticket price.

I had a chance to visit Halloween Horror Nights this year at Universal Orlando. If you are like me, and don’t like paying more than $50.00 to stand in line all night, then go visit A Petrified Forest with your friends.


Had a great time Friday night seeing Avenue Q put on by the Theatre Downtown in Orlando. I’ve heard all of the music before but never seen it until now. Since it’s a smaller theatre, I expected a sub-par version of the original but that is NOT the case here. The puppets, actors, vocals, set and overall performance were really done well. I started laughing about a minute in to the show and never stopped until we were walking out the door and walking back to the car.

I’d tell you to go and see Avenue Q during their last week of performances but, according to the owners, they are sold out and only allowing people to be put on the waiting list if people cancel their reservations.


Saturday was really a nice day but it was packed full of stuff. I started out taking Stella down to Dinky Dock to spend the morning paddleboarding again. This was the first time I’ve gone out since I hurt my rib in September. I finally felt good enough to go back out. I had a nice time and paddled almost 3.5 miles.

The rest of Saturday was spent in the kitchen prepping food for next week. I made bacon-wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates, primal bread, dried fruit and a primal version of Chocolate Chestnut ice cream. That was just part of my food prep for the week. I had to do the rest on…


This was the day the Lord created for rest. I only had a little rest. I spent the morning in the kitchen experimenting. I attempted to make primal Italian breadcrumbs from the primal bread I baked on Saturday. I’ll be talking about that on a future From the Kitchen post. In the afternoon I got to watch a Jets game with dad and then my Padawan came over to spend time with me for the next few days.

There are some really cool posts this week. I’m talking about pumpkin recipes and intermittent fasting. Stick around and check back each day for new content. Talk to you soon!

  1. Kathy says:

    Fun week! The bacon wrapped dates were awesome and so was the chocolate chestnut ice cream! Glad you’re able to paddleboard again. Lots to juggle with the new job added in, but keep up the good work. Stay as motivated as you are right now and all will be smooth sailing.

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