Fatass to Badass: 10/28/11

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Fatass to Badass

October has been an amazing month for the blog. I brought the format to 5 days of posting per week and I saw a gigantic increase in readers. Thank you all for staying with me and please keep “like”ing my blog notifications on Facebook and ReTweeting on Twitter. Every time you do that, it lets your friends know that the blog is out there.

I’m adding to the structure of this post. In addition to posts and pictures from the week, I’ll bring you a rundown of my weekly exercise with links to my RunKeeper stats.

The big news today was that I got my weight down to 280 pounds! That’s goal number two. Goal number one was getting to 300. Now it’s time for a new goal and I’m shooting for 250. I have no doubt that I’ll be there soon enough!

I’d also like to share a few things this week. Up until now, I’ve never enjoyed dressing for business but I do it when I have to. This week I’ve sat at my new job with all the smaller sized office wear on. The 2X shirts are loose. I’m not a 1X yet but I’ve got to be getting close. My new belt(purchased a month ago) is down to the tightest notch possible. My size 48 pants are all loose too! It seems I only started wearing these sizes a month ago and they’re all loose! I’m grinning today.

This Christmas, buy me gift cards to WalMart, Old Navy and department stores. I’m going to finally enjoy shopping for a new wardrobe and getting all smaller sizes!!!

Here is a summary of my posts, fitness and photos for the week in case you missed anything!


Monday: Weekend Review: A Petrified Forest, Avenue Q and Paddleboarding!
Tuesday: From the Kitchen: Pumpkin
Wednesday: The Road: 10/26/11: Intermittent Fasting
Thursday: The Missing Link: 10/27/11
Friday: Weekly Weigh-In



Here are some quick photos I took this week.

  • A Nice End to the Weekend
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Busted Ribs “Can’t Stop” Me
  • Set It and Forget It
  • What A Crock!
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