Fatass to Badass: 11/4/11

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Fatass to Badass

Bless Me Father, for I Have Sinned: A Confessional

This has been the worst week I’ve had since I started Primal Blueprint. I made so many mistakes. I got down in a depressing funk for two days. I ate three quarters of a pizza. I spent more time with Ben and Jerry than I did with James and Matt. I ate Halloween candy. I pushed my weight back up above 280 again…I just screwed up big-time. Thankfully, I’m done with being depressed this week so I won’t let this week of mistakes set me back any more than I have already. Last night I went on a 5 mile jog/walk and I started logging my calories again on MyFitnessPal.com. In addition to getting back on track with The Primal Blueprint, I’m planning on working toward carb restriction.

One of my problems has been that I’ve spent a lot of time lately coming up with primal recipes to replace the junky food that I missed. Even though the bread is primal, there are higher carbs than no bread. I am cutting out honey, maple syrup, primal ice cream, primal bread and I’m cutting out the dark chocolate too. This will be my mission through the end of January. Even with a hundred pound weight loss, my body still aches when speed walking and jogging. My herniated disc aches and my knees aren’t holding up well. I’m in over my head here but I’m determined to have a big fat loss and muscle gain by January. I need a lighter, stronger body to make it through this half marathon and I am going to dry my hardest to achieve that goal. I’d like to be very close to 250 pounds by January 7th when I take the first step toward completing the half marathon. I want that medal around my neck after I cross the finish line but the way things are going so far, I’m guaranteed to get picked up by the sag wagon. That means no medal. No story to tell. No fitness goal achieved. I want this more than anything right now and I will do everything I can to get it.

I need a cheering section. I’ve really experienced a lack in motivation this week.

Here is a summary of my posts, fitness and photos for the week in case you missed anything!


Monday: Weekend Review: Trick R’ Treat
Tuesday: From the Kitchen: Blue Cheese Stuffed Dates Wrapped in Bacon
Wednesday: The Road: 11/2/11: Halloween…The Aftermath!
Thursday: The Missing Link: 11/3/11
Friday: Weekly Weigh-In



Here are some quick photos I took this week.

  1. Anna Taylor says:

    Count me in on your cheering section! I know staying motivated is a challenge, but keep your eye on the prize!!! GO PAT GO!

  2. Marrisa says:

    Here I thought you were in indestructible man. I was feeling soooooo guilty for the mistakes I’ve made since the challenge ended and honestly reading this made me feel more human. I’m sorry you were depressed. I’ve been too. Keep on keeping on, you continue to be an inspiration to me.

  3. Jen class says:

    Hey you- you will do this you have no other options- much love and support. I’m feeling your anxiety and fear. I have the same.

  4. Geoff says:

    Don’t get down on yourself. No one is perfect and remember, that even though the scale says you’ve added 5lbs, that could really mean anything: water, an undigested hairball, a giant duke on deck. Its always the habits over the long haul that are the measures of success, not short term set backs. Also, if you DO get picked up by the sag wagon, at least you’ll have entered a race and run farther than you ever have. So keep your chin up. You could be freezing your ass off in PA right now.

    • Pasquale says:

      I could be raiding the Amish for whoopie pies and shoefly pie at Shady Maple.

      Those days are gone. Thanks for the positive words, bro. You guys going to Geno’s or Pat’s?

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