Weekend Review: Farmer’s Market, Spice and Zip Lining

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Weekend Review

What a great weekend this has been! I’m going to keep Saturday brief so I can talk all about my zip line experience from Sunday.


The day started with a trip to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market for some produce. I grabbed two enormous zucchini and six Vidalia onions. The weather was nice enough for a stroll through the park to the other end of Park Avenue to make a stop in at The Spice & Tea Exchange for a new spice blend.

After walking all over Winter Park in my Vibrams, I drove home. On the way, Traffic was re-routed by the police so I was driving down the oncoming lane to bypass a parade that was going on. I got a great surprise when I saw a marching band that just happened to be The Silver Regiment from Lake Howell High.

The Marchingest Band in the Land
~Raymond Gaines

That’s the band I marched in for four years while I was in high school. It’s where I met James and Matt.

I got home and worked on two new recipes for From the Kitchen. I made this:

…and I made this:

…both will be featured over the next two weeks for you. If you want to know what they are, you’ll come back and read Tuesday’s post.


That brings us to the exciting part of the weekend!!! Since I heard of the rising popularity of zip lining, I wanted to try it. I knew I had to get my weight down and I knew that my legs had to be under 26″ in order to fit the harness.

On Sunday I took a ride over to the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford. Two more LHHS alumni and friends, Courtney & Josh, met up with me there.

Josh is the manager of the ZoomAir Adventure Park in front of the zoo. Courtney has done the zip line experience there numerous times and she also takes great pictures so I knew it made sense for her to come along and help me bring you the next set of photographs.

This really was an awesome experience. You start out with a thorough briefing on safety and use of the harness devices. After a few of the games/obstacles, I was feeling very comfortable. I’m glad Courtney was up there with me and going ahead of me to offer tips on how to navigate some of the games. Balance and a level head are key. I’m afraid of heights and can honestly say I didn’t look down a lot. I spent most of the time focusing on placement of my hands and making sure I could see where my feet were going. There was only one time the height got to me. Courtney and I were on the Upland 2 course and there’s a zip from one tree to another that’s 35 feet off the ground. You’ll see in the video below that it took me a while to make the leap from the platform and once I did I couldn’t brake fast enough and my landing wasn’t very graceful. I never injured myself so I’ll say that’s a plus! Here are the videos of the zip lines I went on.

This first zipline is in the middle of the Upland 1 course. Not bad. This didn’t seem like 35 feet.


This is not my best landing. Note how my feet slam the ramp and my whole body falls forward. I also don’t think this is really 35 feet off the ground.


THIS is 35 feet off the ground and I was terrified. I feel like this zip was somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 feet across. Courtney took off to the other side to get this video but, as you can see, my fear of heights kicked in and made Courtney a little impatient. I finally made the leap and botched the braking and landing. Once I had my feet planted on the other side, I thought it was fun.


ZoomAir is located at the Cental Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens. The Upland Course that I did cost $26.95 plus tax. There’s a rainforest course, a kid course and a way to add big zips after upland for an additional cost. They also offer a season pass. For pricing, click here.

This really was a fun time mixed with challenging moments. If I can do it at 280 pounds, you can do it. I didn’t fall or get hurt and I’m thankful for that. It was also a pretty good workout. I broke a sweat going into the secod obstacle and didn’t stop until it was over. Get out to the zoo and check this out.

I’ve got a great recipe for sausage-stuffed zucchini boats tomorrow so come back and check it out! Talk to you later!

  1. Heather says:

    Looks so fun! And I know what that first edible object is! YIPPEEEEE!

  2. Man, I’m jealous of your zipline fun! Miss y’all so much, you’re looking awesome!

  3. Alicia Barger says:


    So cool, Pat! Dude, if you ever make it up to Asheville, we should do this! I’ve been wanting to go and have heard its awesome. And hooray for those trim legs of yours! Wooooooo!

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