The Road: 11/9/11: Cheering Section

Posted: November 9, 2011 in The Road

Last night, I had a great 5k walk around Cranes Roost with Jenn. There was a little jogging thrown in too. I was pretty quiet just trying to hush the inner voices in my head that have been shouting at me lately. Having Jenn there and completing a 5k on a weeknight after work helped me get rid of the negative, depressing voices that have been plaguing me lately. I found myself happy and thinking more clearly after we finished. I’ve got a lot of negative voices in my head about my upcoming half marathon in 2012. I’d love to have important people around me that day but…

Who Will Be There?

As I get ready for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, I often wonder which faces will be smiling at me when I cross the finish line. Whose voices will carry past the negative voices in my head during that final moment of delirium to cheer me on and congratulate me as I accomplish something I’ve never done before? Who would brave a crowd of thousands in the early morning to support me as part of my own, personal cheering section?

The truth is that I’m really not sure… I believe my father and sister will probably be there. I wouldn’t want my four-year old to be there. As much as her face would comfort me, there are going to be way too many people around. I am 100% certain that James will be beside me until we cross the finish line. The only time I know he’ll leave my side is when the sag wagon comes to pick me up. He said he’s sprinting ahead if I can’t finish in time.

Another thing I always wonder is how will I feel at the end? Will I be proud and energized enough to receive my medal and spend the day in one of the Disney parks with my family? Will I be exhausted and disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish it this time? Will I feel like Rocky at the top of the steps? Will I feel like the man of steel?

Will I feel like a badass? I’d love to cross that line and see familiar faces smiling and cheering for me. Nothing comforts me amidst my inner turmoil like a group of my closest friends and family around me believing in me.

So…I ask…who will be in my cheering section on January 7th 2012? Will it be you?

  1. Heather says:

    You know if there’s any possible way, we will be there. Of course, that means we need to move like next week, but… 😉

    xoxoxo if we’re not there in person, we’re cheering you on from our hearts. Always.

  2. Marrisa says:

    I will definitely try to make it. I would love to be a part of your celebration! I admire your courage and determination. Not many people possess those qualities. I’m ALWAYS rooting for you Pat!!

  3. James says:

    You know where Lori and I will be!

  4. Kenneth Holliday says:

    I really hope to be in Orlando for (at the very least) that day. If I’m there I will do my best to be at the finish line when you cross.

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