One Kale Chip Over the Line, Sweet Jesus…

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Quick Photos


Note to self: don’t bring kale chips to the office in a ziploc bag again without expecting to be questioned by every person about whether it’s a good idea to bring that kind of substance to the office.

I am serious here. The only thing that separates me from job loss for drug-related paraphernalia was to offer my co-workers a taste.

How quickly they all agree to try some. Peer pressure in full effect.

  1. Love the title of this entry! Ha! The peer pressure comment is also priceless.
    Happy Thanksgiving! ~Nancy

    • Pasquale says:

      For whatever reason, I can remember riding in my parent’s can when @One toc over the line” came on the oldies station. I wondered if it was a spiritual song so I asked “dad, what’s a toc”?

      It was a long time later that I found out but not from experience. At 36, I can honestly say I’ve never dabbled in the special primal brownies.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too! We just made a last minute decision to make your cauliflower mash recipe from your latest post!

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