From The Kitchen: Portion Control

Posted: November 29, 2011 in From The Kitchen

It’s nearly December and that means a very busy time for me. I don’t use busy as an excuse to leave the office each day to buy lunch. I don’t pack salty, so-called “healthy” frozen meals. I portion my food carefully.


Portioning isn’t part of The Primal Blueprint but I spend one day in the kitchen each week cooking and portioning my food. It allows me to make sure I’ve got food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a full week. It also allows me to avoid overspending on food.

I think I picked up portioning from my pre-primal time when I was calorie counting. I also used it a good deal while working in culinary to make sure each person was receiving the same amount of food. It keeps cost down. It also helps you prepare things quickly when everything is weighed, measured out and in its place.

A Few Examples

  • I always fill a 100 ounce bottle with filtered water each day to stay well hydrated and help move things out of my body.
  • I make five convenient grab-and-go breakfast packs for work days with two hard boiled eggs, one slice of cooked bacon and one all-natural sausage. The meat needs about 30 seconds in the microwave and you’re ready to eat.
  • After dinners, I take the leftovers and weigh/measure them into five lunch portions for work days. I freeze these and pull one out to pack in my lunch bag each morning. This week is five days of Thanksgiving leftovers.
  • Each weekend, I make a pitcher of unsweetened green tea. I have one eight ounce glass each morning. I set the glass on my scale, zero it out an pour the tea in until I hit the 8 ounce mark. It’s like filling your gas tank and the tea lasts the whole week.

Even though portion control isn’t part of the primal blueprint, I find it helps keep my past overeating habits in check. I don’t ever eat second or third helpings anymore. I take those extra helping and use them for future meals.

What are your thoughts on portion control?

  1. Marrisa says:

    Honestly, I just need to make it a habit. However with my ever-changing work schedule (different every week) it makes it hard to stay consistent. I don’t have a set day in the week to cook meals and portion things out. I can make the time to exercise but weighing and measuring and bagging and freezing I just can’t seem to make the time. I love how you are so consistent. I think my life, in this area, is seriously lacking.

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