From The Kitchen: Product Review | Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss

Posted: December 13, 2011 in From The Kitchen

Today I don’t have a recipe for you. I don’t have a recipe review either. I decided to do a product review of something I saw in the dairy section of the grocery store the other day. I hope you find this post to be helpful.


I was going through the dairy section of my local Publix to get some eggs the other day when I went past the non-dairy creamers. Oh Coffee-Mate, you once had a firm hold on my morning routine and added so many empty calories to a cup of coffee. I haven’t had a coffee-mate product in over a year since going to Primal Blueprint. This particular day in Publix, I saw a new product called Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss. I immediately became concerned. The ingredients on the label are nonfat milk, heavy cream, sugar and natural flavor. Well, right off the bat, NONFAT milk is not natural. Heavy cream could be if it’s in a raw, organic state. The same goes for the sugar. Then there’s the natural flavor. I did a little research. The Coffee-Mate website provides the following info:

Q.What is COFFEE-MATE Natural Bliss?

A.COFFEE-MATE Natural Bliss is a NEW, all-natural dairy creamer from COFFEE-MATE. It’s made with only four simple ingredients: milk, cream, sugar and natural flavor. It delivers a balanced taste that is lightly flavored and sweetened to let your coffee shine through. It comes in three delicious flavors for you to find the perfect one for your cup.

Q.What is a natural flavor?

A. A natural flavor is a substance obtained from natural plant or animal sources, and the flavor can be tasted in its purest form. For example, natural vanilla flavor is extracted from real vanilla beans after they have been allowed to dry in the sun. Natural caramel flavor is obtained through the process of cooking sugar, or a mixture of dairy and sugar, to deliver that true caramel flavor.

Well, right there is where I decided I needed to write the corporation in order to research things a bit further.

This was my email to them:

Your product is called Natural Bliss but I’d like to know if you’re using raw or processed, white sugar and also if the milk is from an organic source.

Thank you for making this product. I’m always looking for minimally processed foods since changing my diet and had to omit Coffee-Mate for over a year now.

I’ll admit the company was very quick in responding. Here is their answer:

Just a few days later I received a second response regarding the sugar(and dairy again). Here, again, is the email from Coffee-Mate:

In this email response I learned that the product uses Grade A homogenized milk and sugar that is not raw. Let’s look at homogenized milk first.

when milk is homogenized, small fat globules surround the xanthine oxidase and it is absorbed intact into your blood stream. There is some very compelling research demonstrating clear associations with this absorbed enzyme and increased risks of heart disease.

Now for the refined sugar.

Refined Sugar contains no vitamins or minerals so in order for sugar to be metabolized it must draw on the body’s reserve of vitamins and minerals. When these reserves are depleted, metabolization of cholesterol and fatty acid is impeded, contributing to higher blood serum triglycerides, cholesterol, promoting obesity due to higher fatty acid storage around organs.

So-Called Natural?

Well, yes, I don’t believe they can truly call this product an all-natural coffee creamer. It’s my firm belief that Nestle corporation means to bring a better product to those of us who are starting to open our eyes so it’s a slight step in the right direction. I’ll compare this quickly to the normal caramel creamer. The ingredients in Coffee-Mate Caramel Macchiato Creamer are as follows:


Holy cow! That’s quite a difference between products. I’ll give kudos to Nestle for creating a product like “natural bliss” that now brings consumers a less processed additive for their caffeine addiction. I suppose if you’re going to choose anything, choose natural bliss but just know it should be called “less processed” and not “all-natural”. You could also make your own primal creamer like I did on this From the Kitchen post.

There you have it, folks! My review and research on a household product that you may have been curious about in the same way I was. What do you think of this? Do you think Nestle has taken a small step toward a healthier future or is there some other agenda here?


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