Weekend Review: Moving

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Weekend Review

I did a lot of moving this weekend. I went to Lakeland to carol one day and Kissimmee another. Kissimmee was very cool because I got to carol at Give Kids the World for a Christmas party.
What an incredibly cool place. All I saw the whole night were families in need happy and enjoying themselves. They seemed to forget about the troubles for a while.

Good Luck Movin Up Cause I’m Movin Out!

I woke early on Saturday to move over to my new office. The company I’ve been temping with has included me in the move to their new location and I was given a beautiful workspace. A new chair with lumbar support too. In addition to that, I have a great window at my back where I can keep an eye on my car. It’s pretty great!

After that, it was off to the Oviedo Mall for more caroling.

I had another gig in the afternoon followed by meetup with my friend, James, for drinks. I haven’t really had a drink in a while and as we hung out, the beers kept coming. Six drinks later and I was a pretty fun guy. At least I felt like I was.

20 Days and Counting

On Sunday I went for a five mile jog with James. This was actually pretty good. Some of my jogs were faster than I’ve ever been to date. I’m 18 calendar days away from the Disney Half Marathon. Starting Tuesday I’m switching over to early A.M. jogs before work. You should start seeing a lot more fitness updates over the next 20 days. It’s balls to the wall time!

Stay with me!

Tomorrow: From the Kitchen: Bacon-Wrapped Blue Cheese Burgers

18 Days and Counting…

  1. Does that mean they’re keeping you?! YAY!


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