From the Kitchen: Beyond Easy Pulled Pork

Posted: January 17, 2012 in From The Kitchen

(image courtesy of Everyday

Remember last week on The Missing Link when I posted Everyday Paleo’s link to Beyond Easy Pulled Pork? Well, while I was out rock climbing on Saturday, this simple meal sat in the crockpot cooking up for my weekly meals.

It honestly can’t be any easier (like the recipe title states). You slice two onions, make a spice rub for the meat, put it all together and turn the crockpot on. It starts out on high for a few hours then you have to turn it to low for a few more. A few easy steps like I just explained gets you a ridiculous amount of cooked food. It really helps that I’m cooking for one most of the time. I was able to portion out five six ounce portions for my meals at work this week and there is more than enough left for dinners at home too.

Here’s a picture of the roast going in to the crockpot

A picture of the roast coming out. It makes a lot of liquid.

…and after shredding it for a few minutes, here’s the finished product.

I couldn’t stop picking at what was left after I portioned it out. It’s got a lot of flavor and it’s not drenched in barbeque sauce. I think I’ll enjoy this with a little hot sauce or just by itself with a side of vegetables. If you find yourself saying ” I just don’t have time to cook at home” but you can manage to spend five minutes going through a drive through or tossing something in the microwave, get a crockpot and find some healthy slow cooker options like this one. Divide it into portions for the week and stop eating salt-packed, processed garbage. You’ll thank yourself for time savers like this.

I like the Everyday Paleo blog. Not just for the incredible recipes but the fact that there is a wealth of information about clean living and fitness too. Sarah Fragoso also has a nationwide best-selling cookbook available at

Talk to you later!

  1. Marrisa says:

    Made this tonight for dinner! Amazing! I was shocked as to how much liquid it makes. It’s extremely flavorful. I added extra chipotle, because, well… I like things spicy:-)

    I’ll definitely make this again. Even my kids ate it (my daughter is a brisket lover, this was similar in texture).

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