The Road: 1/18/2012: The Road BACK to Warrior Dash | No One Gets Left Behind

Posted: January 18, 2012 in The Road

Every great story has a beginning. It’s hard to believe that the first anniversary of the day that changed my life is just two days away. Warrior Dash is really the place where my story began. I can honestly tell you how difficult Warrior Dash was when I was over 380 pounds. It hurt. I was waterlogged, covered in mud and climbing over and under obstacles that a guy of my size had no business trying to do. I didn’t care about the cheap medal or the fuzzy viking hat. I was at war with myself and had committed to busting my ass to do something I didn’t believe I could do. It’s a damned good thing I had friends around me pushing me because I would have quit after the first mud pit.

Just look at me! A true fatass! I had friends next to me that day. Without them, I would have quit and taken a medical cart back to the starting grounds. James and Matt insisted on staying with me shouting things like “you got this Pal” and “let’s go buddy”. They constantly checked on how I was feeling and didn’t leave my side even though it took me an hour and forty minutes to complete a three mile course. Bill came along midway through the course with one of the waves behind us. As the runners passed us by, Bill stopped running and he stood by my side and finished with me as well.

Last year, we were only four but we were mighty. This year, we have a group of over 10 people coming along as part of the Pyrates of the Carabiner (that’s our team name). We’ve got a cool shirt too.

I’m pumped that so many have stepped up and signed up to join our little team in support of each other. Some signed up because they say they were inspired by me. Some joined to conquer something within them similar to what I needed to conquer last year. Some are just along for the comradery and fun. Why am I going back? I’m going back for many reasons.

I don’t have anything to prove to myself at this point. I’ve done this before. I’ve conquered three 5k runs in 2011 and a half marathon just two weeks ago. I’m confident I can do this. There will be some obstacles I’ll need strength and help with but I believe I’ll do well. I’m doing this because there are some that have never tried something like this and they’re as nervous to do it as I was last year. Initially I told myself that I wanted to go back and complete Warrior Dash much faster than last time. I wanted to kick its ass this year. Then I realize there are some in our group that aren’t here to kick ass. They’re here to complete. Like Matt, James and Bill did for me last year, I plan to spend as much time as it takes to see each of my teammates leap the flames, crawl the barbwire mud pit and cross the finish line. No one gets left behind. We finish this together with flames of glory propelling us to the finish line. We all cross the same line that gave birth to a badass! Another finish line that isn’t really an end. It’s where the new chapter begins!

Don’t forget to give me a #GoPatGo on the social networks this weekend!

Talk to you later!

  1. bill says:

    If you guys are still around, My run time is at 12:30, I’ll be the muddy guy going through the finish line.

  2. Barbara Hochreiter says:

    This is a wonderful, inspirational blog. I’m so proud of you.



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