Weekend Review: Warrior Dash 2012

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Weekend Review

It started out as a glorious morning! I met up with James, Jenn, Lori, Jill and Lisa at 6:30 a.m. and we hit the road to Lake Wales for Warrior Dash 2012! I’d love to tell you a story of confidence and strength…unfortunately, what I’ve got to offer still shows you the inner nervous feelings I experience. I woke up nervous and rode quietly, for the most part, to Warrior Dash this weekend. I only spoke out of shock from someone in the car sharing obscene online content with the rest of us. There was plenty of laughing too and we even experienced a flock of seagulls.

After going the wrong way for a bit, we got back on track. We arrived at Triple Canopy Ranch, parked and hoisted the Jolly Roger. This later allowed us an easy way to find the car after the event was finished.

The Vuvuzelas were blown to herald our arrival.

We gathered the team and started to walk toward registration/packet pick-up. I checked in at the St. Jude tent. There couldn’t have been a nicer group of people providing a seating area, showers, food and drink for the people that helped raise support for the children’s hospital. I met up with the team at the starting line and we waited a few minutes for the fireballs that would signal us to start our wave. After that, the whole thing was kind of a blur. Here’s what I remember. There was a lot of sand. SOFT sand that required a good deal of strength to trod through. It wore me out more than the obstacles. We got through each obstacle. As a team, we did them all and none of us skipped any. I carefully stayed to the side of one of the early mud pits to avoid injury and shoe loss but what I did after that was no small task. I leaped over four foot walls and crawled under barbed wire. I bested a 12-foot vertical wall going up one side and back down the other. I swam through ice cold waters to a floating barge. Climbed up to the barge, back in for a swim, up to the barge and back in for one more cold swim. I climbed a hill, made my way through tires and over junked cars. I maneuvered across a tightrope over a pit of thick mud, leaped flames, crawled under more barbed wire through muddy clay and crossed the finish line arm-in-arm with my friends at my side. We all finished. No one was left behind and no one cried. This year I finished in one hour and 28 minutes. That’s 12 minutes faster than last year and I know for a fact there were some obstacles that were harder and there was so much soft sand. That was really the most difficult part of the whole event. Still, at 100 pounds lighter, I felt a lot better at the end. I returned to the St. Jude tent for a quick shower and met back up with the team for beers and relaxation. Then we got back in the golden whale and drove home.

I’m extremely happy about the whole event. These are the warriors I ran with: James, Lori, Lisa, Jill, Jenn, Jenny, Autumn, Rebecca, Shawn, David, Jaime and Colleen. Some were faster than others and finished ahead of the group but in the end, we all made it. I’m going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking! Additional thanks are due. Joe helped out as Team Mule and photographer and Carrie came to cheer us on and survey the event so she knows what to expect when she runs with us in 2013.

I’m going to let these pictures do the rest of the talking! Enjoy!







  1. licia. says:

    badass, indeed!

  2. Erin says:

    Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! A friend of mind is encouraging me to take on a Warrior Dash in Oklahoma this summer. The obstacles make me nervous, especially the fire.

    But your race… That IS a lot of sand. The color of it is similar to ash.

    Did you ever read “The Road?” Your photos remind me of a 1-star review I read of that novel:

    “GRAY, ash, black, gray, cold, ash, gray, gray, black, cold, gray, hungry, gray, ash, black, cold, road, gray, ash, “Okay?”, “Okay, poppa”.

    There. I have just saved you the trouble of reading this interminably dreary and interminably repetitious, repetitious, repetitious, repetitious, repetitious, repetitious book. (Did I mention that it’s repetitious? Because it’s really repetitious.)

    Depending on how fast you read, you owe me several/many hours of your life.

    You’re welcome. “

    • Pasquale says:

      WTF?!?! I’m NEVER reading this book.

      I strongly encourage you to do WD. Don’t worry. You’ll be covered in enough mud and water that you won’t ignite. Just leap OVER the flaming heaps and don’t fall on them.

      Even if you do, there are guys standing by with extinguishers. They won’t let you go down in a blaze of glory like Jon Bon.

  3. Well clearly I lived thru W.Dash. (best encouragement txt was from my niece @Emily Nestle who said “Good luck today. You won’t die”. ) …and I didnt….I lived, I finished!!!!! And then some. I felt so victorious crossing the finish line and definitely feel that this was just as I had hoped… that it put my bada$$ right back where it needed to be. Man that was hard but it was fun and, like you, I am so thankful for my team. (Team Cookie Monster!!) I was a ball of nerves/anxiety @ the start and then, at the end, as tired as I was I felt like I could leap buildings and go the course again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing your journey and thereby helping propel mine forward. I am going to have to share/borrow some of your pics from the course ((as our photog couldnt make it )) as I’ve tried to explain to my friends, co workers etc @ the obstacles but pictures really bring it home. I was just looking at them like–holy crap “I” did that ! WOW !!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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