The Road: 1/25/2012: What’s Next?

Posted: January 25, 2012 in The Road

This was some weekend. I’m happy with the outcome of my return to Warrior Dash. I accomplished two big events this year already with Warrior Dash and the Disney Half Marathon. Now that they’re behind me, I need time to get back to my other outdoor activities. This weekend, I plan to get on the paddleboard at some point. After that, I’m ready to start riding my bike. I’ll start training back into jogging too.

I don’t have any major goals set for right now except that I’d like to lose 100 more pounds this year and try to do a triathlon in the summer time. This triathlon has been suggested but I’d have a fair amount of training to do to get ready.

I’ve come a long way in 2011. My plan is to relax a bit now and enjoy a little down time. I need to work toward getting my routine back in order and finding a way to make it fit my current schedule the best way I can.

In an interview the other night, I had to explain how I started this blog strictly as a public journal to share my 27 days of prep leading up to my first Warrior Dash in 2011. I had no plans past that. I never thought I’d be writing five days a week to bring more content to readers that continue to ask for tips, recipes and ideas. I never thought those readers would surpass 2500 per month and as I’m nearing the end of January I’m realizing the blog is getting bigger. is on the edge of over 3000 readers in a single month. The comments are coming in. The subscribers are increasing. I’m finding myself looking for people to write guest posts. This newest trend is that fitness companies and paleo/primal food makers have started seeking me out for advertising, sponsoring and reviews of their products. It’s getting bigger than I ever anticipated…I’m just a former fat kid from Orlando that wanted people to prove life changes could be accomplished the right way.

So I’m asking, again, for your help. When a new post comes out and you see a notification on Twitter, Facebook or the Facebook Fan page, LIKE it. SHARE it. RETWEET it. Let others know how to link to the blog by passing this link along:

A big part of my focus this year is going to be the blog. Like the shirt says, tell your friends to FOLLOW ME!

Talk to you later

  1. Just catching up… 😉

    Pat, my love, do you protect your pictures so no one can steal them? You might want to find a free software that you can watermark them…(just sayin’). I’m sure you do and you’re going to tell me I’m crazy, but I would hate for people to steal from you. xoxo

    • Pasquale says:

      I make them public. Why? I don’t post pics of my daughters face or anything I feel needs protecting. If people want to take my pic and use them for good, I am okay with that.

      What are your concerns?

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