The Missing Link: 1/26/2012

Posted: January 26, 2012 in The Missing Link

Some pretty good links this week. The one that really irks me is this new cookie I found out about through Primal Toad. Same bad ingredients but they’ve put vitamins in it so they’re trying to pass it off as a healthy snack. It’s not.

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Mark’s Daily Apple

What follows is a list (plus scientific references where applicable) of foods Mark personally found to be anti-inflammatory.

Primal Toad

These WhoNu cookies are starting to come out stating they’re a healthy alternative to regular cookies. It’s a lie. The ingredient list shows they’re packed with sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated oil…the list goes on. They’re marketing this to target a great many who still don’t bother to read the ingredients and nutrition facts.

Wellness Mama

Chances are, if you follow mainstream medical advice or watch the news, you’ve seen some negative press about salt. In fact, the low-sodium industry is booming! Thank goodness that this sodium reduction, along with a low-fat diet and eating more whole grains has so greatly increased the health of Americans over the last few decades…

What’s that? It hasn’t?

Everyday Paleo

First, this article is not about how to transition your family and kids to eating paleo. This article does address our families perspective on treats.

Food Finds

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to send me interesting links you may have found at Talk to you later!


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