Weekend Review: Back to the Beach…Back to Basics

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Weekend Review

Keeping it short and sweet today. I had a mixed weekend. I’ve been screwing up my eating this past week and going through some serious change. A new career is on the horizon and it’s one that I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m excited about the future but I believe I may have hurt others to make the recent changes without much notice. I’ve always been a family man and my responsibility is to my daughter first so this was all necessary.

Saturday I woke up and had every intention of taking my paddleboard out. I walked out the front door to attach the racks to my car and it was 55 degrees but that didn’t stop me. I knew it would get warmer as I drove toward the lake. I met up with Ned, David and Jeramie from Paddleboard Orlando at Dinky Dock. They had a first timers group going out to give paddleboarding a try and I tagged along. While I waited for them to train the group on basics, I ran in to an old friend, Pat Toland. He was heading out off the beach on his kayak. I haven’t seen Pat in a few years so we spent a few minutes catching up, learning how to stay in touch and we went our separate ways for a peaceful morning.

This ended up being a day I’ve needed for a long time. It was nice to paddle along with a group I didn’t need to work hard at keeping up with. It was just a leisurely paddle and I got to do a lot of thinking about the direction I need my life to go in.

I know that I’ve made some lifestyle mistakes since the Disney half marathon and Warrior Dash have ended and I have to get myself back on track. I also know that I got involved in things I was not ready for and need some time to just exist and get my life back in order.

So…on Sunday, that’s what I did. I spent the morning making sure I had the right foods set up for the week. I brewed some green tea so I could start laying off the office coffee every morning. I made Everyday Paleo’s recipe for Beyond Easy Pulled Pork and portioned it out for each day. I made a few other personal changes that were needed for me to get back to basics. My father and daughter arrived and I found happiness in their company.

That’s it. I’m sorry if the post comes across a little depressing. I’m really excited about the thought of moving into the career change I’ve always wanted.

I’ve got some great posts coming this week. There will be guest posts on Tuesday and Wednesday from my friend, Marissa and Chad. These two have made the switch to primal/paleo and have recipes and stories to share with you. Be sure to come by and read what they’ve got to say.

Talk to you later

EDIT: I was told the post can’t be called Back to the Beach without some connection to Avalon and Funicello. So…regretfully…here they are.

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m disappointed in you naming the post “Back to the Beach…” and not even referencing the movie at some point. I have got to find my copy of that. I’m so needing to watch it this week!

  2. Jenny says:

    yes. make it happen. hahah

  3. Marrisa says:

    Everyone needs time to let things sink in when there is any type of change, especially when it involves major life decisions like a career. Your post isn’t depressing, it’s more reflective in a sense. You are such a positive and motivating person. We see that side of you all the time. It’s impossible to be that way 24/7. Even the preacher needs some preaching too!

    I’m still proud to call you my friend. And I’m so exited about your future!

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