42Five and M-PACT Take Orlando on 2/12/2012

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Family, Local, News and Updates

If you’re looking for something amazing to do on an upcoming weekend, do this! You pay one price and you get this…

Did you see the hair on that guy? Seeing it in person is worth the ticket price alone.

You also get this…

Seriously, these are two great talents. These videos don’t even do justice to how amazing it sounds when you’re there in person and the auditorium is vibrating with resonance. East coast A Cappella meets West coast A Cappella for one day only. If you want tickets, you click the following link. I’ll be there so come say hello, hear the great music and then check out my Weekend Review post on 2/13/2012 when I write about how great it was!

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE:http://42fiveandmpact.eventbrite.com/

Put in the discount code 42FiveOFF for $5.00 off the price. Make sure to type it exactly as it appears. The code is case sensitive.


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