The Road: 3/14/12: Backtracking or Back on Track?

Posted: March 14, 2012 in The Road

I’ve had some great conversations with people this week. Some new acquaintances at work surprised me by telling me there’s been some talk about this blog around the office from someone other than me. A co-worker started talking to me yesterday saying he found it inspirational and was motivated by my weight loss. So many people have said those same words to me over the last year and each time it lifted me up and made me work harder.

Then came transition. Family moving away. New jobs. Moving out. Break ups…and with all of that came a range of emotions and loss of time. Change in schedule. I’d eat something bad and have a friend and blog reader say…”really? I didn’t think you ever screwed up your eating”. I’m human. I know that by blogging I put myself in the public eye and because so many look to me for inspiration, I feel responsible for making sure I lead by example. Then the fact remains that I can’t be perfect 100% of the time. I can’t always be what everyone else needs me to be. I fall off the motivational horse like anyone else.

…but I climb back on. I focus in on making the transition into a new routine. Some days down to the minute. And weeks like this week…when I FINALLY get the routine into a daily repetition that doesn’t require thought…that’s when I know that there’s still a strength within me I didn’t have before in years past when I’d fail at losing weight.

I’m back on track. Biking 3 days per week. Lifting 2 days per week. I intend on getting some jogging back into the routine. I’m also eating much better for the last 12 days and am starting to feel the difference again. Then a day like yesterday comes along and a co-worker looks to me for inspiration and motivation. A friend (MarMar) tells me she’s going back into the Primal Blueprint 30-day challenge and feels great getting that routine back too.

We all have ups and downs. Some days we turn to our good friends, Jack. Or some of us seek out friends like Ben and Jerry. Some seek counsel with short Roman emperors and their pies. No one is perfect. We screw up. We fall back to our old habits. If we just tell ourselves we can turn it around, we can. The only thing stopping you from succeeding is you. Change your attitude, your mind and your life again today. Turn it around. That’s what I’m doing.

  1. and now I feel doubly bad for making cake pops.

    I’ll figure out a way to make them healthy. Somehow.

  2. Erin says:

    This reminds me of an interview I heard (probably an NPR/PRI show) a couple of months ago about how we form habits. The statement that “stuck” in my mind was about the length of time it takes to form a new habit, and then the length of time it takes for that habit to be come automatic, whereby we simply do it without thinking. In general, it takes us approximately three weeks to form a new habit and another nine months for that habit to become second-nature.

    I’ve often wondered what it would feel like for my runs or gym workouts to be something that I feel compelled to “do,” rather than be preceded with a mental conversation that starts out, “I really should go to the gym/run/workout…”

    I think this week puts you well on your way to forming positive habits, and the blog probably reinforces all of this. Good on you, and keep it up!

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