Fatass to Badass: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Fatass to Badass

I need to keep this brief as my schedule has gotten a little tighter this morning and I’m blogging within 30 minutes of post time. I can’t keep up with the blog like I used to. My recent failures at staying on track from December to last week are no way to set examples. It’s also been difficult for me to find the time to research and provide content like I used to. To be quite honest, working on a computer all day doing web development puts me in this mood where I don’t even want to touch my computer when I come home each night. I’ve been playing piano again. I just got my old guitar back and I’m planning to start learning that again too.

I apologize that I can’t bring you five posts per week. I apologize even more that, this morning, I have to tell you I can’t even bring you three anymore. My worst fear is that I would wind up having to abandon this blog altogether…I haven’t reached that point yet. Here is where I’ve come to with it. I am going back to basics on this blog. My original reason was for family and friends to be able to motivate me and keep track of my progress. That’s what it’s going to have to go back to. I’ll do my best to post once a week on Wednesdays. It may be about my progress, a recipe I want to share, a guest post, a story, a rant, interesting and relevant content from elsewhere on the web, etc. Basically I’ll be randomizing the old structure one day per week. Fitness updates are automated and I plan to keep them going.

If you come to this blog for an example, for motivation…I’m sorry to be a let down but I just haven’t been a good example lately. This week I forced myself to go back on the Primal Blueprint 30-day challenge just to try and get a grip on my lack of motivation and structure. I started couch to 5k over again and I just enjoyed my second morning of jogging. It’s really the first time I’ve started jogging again since the Disney half marathon in January.

As for my weekly weigh-in…I think I’ll try to keep that post going on Friday mornings. I’ve had a gain of 10 pounds and am back in the 290s and I just haven’t felt like admitting that to 2500+ people. I’m admitting it now and I’m doing the best I can to get back to the place I was in 2011 that kept me so determined to lose all of this weight and get down to 180 pounds or less.

I need your comments, motivation and friendship to reach my final goals. Thanks for being so much of that for me all this time and please keep giving me a little push.

Talk to you soon!

  1. Heather says:

    Pat, you are a real person. You are not perfect and the reality of you slipping is just that reality. You have to focus on what is important and right now establishing yourself within your career is mildly trumping your weightloss progress – as it should. I have been really down on myself as of late for slipping as a result of my asthma… as much as I feel your pain and see it in your writing it was slightly refreshing to know I am not the only one struggling.
    You continue to be a motivation as being able to re-evaluate yourself with criticism is a notable quality! You rock Pat!

  2. Heather AKA MommaHopeful says:


    And you know I’ll always be here..

  3. Marrisa says:

    I was wondering what was going on. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve had so many life changes recently. I can relate. I also hope you aren’t upset with me for any reason.

    Always your friend,

  4. The Cabbage Man says:


    Remember man, it’s all about how we deal with setbacks. It’s all about the follow-through. Don’t put your fitness on the back burner. You’ve come too far down that long and hard road to allow yourself to slip into a “I’ll catch up later” mode. There is no later – only now. Today. Don’t let it go. Don’t look back a year from now and say “back when I dropped all that weight”. Finish strong baby. Nothing worth anything comes easy. Find the balance in the force. Think about your goals. Think about your baby girl, and think about the future. Make it happen baby! You have already proven you can do it, now stay the course!! There is no option but success! Never quit! Never go back baby cause you’re all growns up and yer all growns up and yer all growns up! You’re so money!

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