Good Morning, Blog

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Fatass to Badass

Good morning, blog. Been away…haven’t seen you in a while. How ya been? Have you changed your smile and do ya think that we’ve grown up differently? Don’t seem the same…

Good morning, readers…if you’re still out there. Love an life get in the way. It’s a fact. It’s very easy to let the old habits slip back in. Sometimes you work so hard and then you finally get the girl and you get comfy and lazy and happy and…well…I of all people should have NO excuse for gaining back 15 pounds. I let it happen. No one force fed me the bad food or told me to stop exercising. That all came from within.

It took a relapse of massive back pain to kick me in the ass and get me going again. The herniated disc has been acting up again for over a week. That old familiar numbness and nerve pain shooting down the legs has returned and I know what’s got to be done because I refuse to go back to life in a wheelchair.

How does it look for a man who once took control of his life and leaped over flames and ran a half marathon to just give up and slide back into a lesser lifestyle? It looks pretty sh!tty. Admitting it is not easy. Getting the routine back is even more difficult but I started today. Despite the back pain, I got out and I walked. Only 30 minutes. Only 1.5 miles but I did something.

I’m not going to be full marathon runner. I’m not going to be an iron man. My back injury and knee issues are never going to allow me to complete those types of goals. I’ve accepted that. I can still be a 5k runner. I can still cycle 32 miles in a day. I can paddleboard 7 miles.

Right now, I’m hoping to heal enough to be able to do the Tower of Terror 10-miler in September but if my back doesn’t quit, I may end up sitting it out. I’m hoping to finish and then retire the idea of being a distance medalist.

Some of my friends have dozens of medals on their walls. I can be content with four.

I can’t promise regular blogging. I’m still really busy but felt a brief confession and explanation were overdue.

Stay well.

  1. mantiss77 says:

    I was just thinking about your blog and how you were doing when I saw this in my inbox a few days later. One of the things I admire about you is that even though you have set backs, you seem to get right back on track. Not me. My set backs last months. Maybe longer. I’ll never have a medal on my wall. I know you’ll come back stronger after this!! Go Pat!!

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