Badass to Fatass

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Fatass to Badass

I’ve wasted some resources in this life.  Money, time, love, water.  Nothing hurts quite as much as a wasted effort.  I’m writing to you this morning from a failed attempt at weight loss.  I had direction and knew where I wanted to be but the last eight months have been spent gettting on track and falling back off to a point where I went from my lowest weight of 272 lbs back up to 317 lbs.  I’m dealing with it as best as I’m able to.  It’s not easy to remember where it all went wrong.  There were different factors.  The poor diet choices are my own to struggle with.  The fitness…it’s my own too but there is this one thing I have to admit.

TRUTH:  I’m a guy who enjoys working out early in the morning.  I was taking walks, bike rides, etc. at around 5:30 a.m. each day to get it done before coming in to work.

PROBLEM:  Sadly (and I hate to admit this), I’m afraid of the dark.  It’s a psychological thing for me.  I think it stems from too many horror movies as a kid and my current love of The Walking Dead.  It’s always dark at 5:30 a.m. and now with the time change, it’s dark until 7:30 a.m.

SOLUTION:  I’m working in web marketing and design for a large Orlando hospital now.  They had a HUGE discount for employees for the RDV Sportplex. So, I signed up!

It’s one street over from my office, it’s indoors, there’s light and everything I could want.  Treadmills for walking/jogging, a variety of different cycling equipment, bootcamp and group fitness classes that are similar to CrossFit, and a pool.  The pool part is very exciting because I don’t like to swim in lakes but want to start training for some mini triathlons.  Wednesday was my first day back and it works out well to pack a bag with my work clothes the night before.  I don’t need towels or toiletries because they provide everything there on the premises.

The first step is to lose the almost 50 pounds I’ve gained back and then get back to training for some fitness goals I want to reach.  I’m only 37 years old.  I’ve got time.  I hope some of you will come back and start reading again now that I’m going to post once per week.  I think one post per week will be much less annoying across the social networks than when I was posting five days per week.

[Edit 3/15/2013]

I originally wrote the post above on the evening of 3/12/2013 following my trip to RDV Sportsplex to register.  My diet has been as close to paleo but mostly primal (moderate dairy) as possible since 3/11/2013.  I did celebrate Pi Day (everyone brought a pie to the office to share for 3/14…get it? 3.14 is Pi so we celebrated 3/14 with pie) but I only had slivers and tastes of each pie.  I was up every morning from 3/13 to 3/15 at 5 a.m.  I brushed my teeth at home and went straight out the door to RDV.  My new routine requires a ton of discipline and planning in the way of packing office clothes and food before I go to bed.  Office clothes are in my car before 7:30 p.m. each night so I only have to grab my breakfast and lunch out of the refrigerator and head out the door in my gym clothes. 

So…I did that.  I did it for three days and ate clean(mostly) for five.  So I can offer you this edit to share the fact that I did get myself from 317 to 311.4 in five days.  It’s a step back down the path I was headed in.  MY goal is to hit the gym 6 days per week with one day of rest until I’m back down to 272lbs and headed toward 250 lbs.  Happy Friday to everyone!

Talk to you later!


  1. Angie Nelson says:

    Good Job Pat! I, too am trying to start AGAIN. Kevan and I have GOT to do something and I just can’t get the hang of the Primal, but so want to! Your motivation helps us 40 somethings!

    • Pasquale says:

      I’m now in the department of needing motivation. Just keep trying hard and doing it. I know primal is not easy but it’s working for me again. The hard part is ridding your system of the sugar cravings. I got on them again and I’m really fighting to get back off.

  2. Alicia says:

    I’m so happy to see you getting back on track. You have always been an inspiration to me, and many others! It’s soooo easy to “fall off the wagon” and without CONSTANT vigilance, the weight comes back. I have put on about 10 pounds, just by making poor food choices. I still work out 5 days a week! I know my 10 pounds isn’t a lot, but thanks for sharing your story. Like I said- always an inspiration…. Going back to primal this week. Thanks Pat!

    • Pasquale says:

      10 pounds is 10 pounds. The worst feeling doesn’t always come from the number for me. It comes from the lack of discipline that made me go back up in weight instead of down.

  3. Marrisa says:

    If anyone can do this, it is you. I lack discipline as well, I think that is my biggest problem. I look forward to your weekly updates. You know I am a big cheerleader for you and will always be!

  4. KP Nestle says:

    Thanks for sharing Pat. I think thats the biggest struggle I am having in the “Re-start” is that I am kicking my own butt mentally about the fact that I went from down over 50 pounds to back up all of that and then some but worse the fact that I was doing 5 k events, 45 min boot camp, 2 min plank, 3 min wall squats and now just WALKING a mile made me feel almost incapacitated — hence I am asking myself HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN? and what about me allowed that lack of discipline to creep back in?….. On the flip side I know that looking back does nothing and going forward is where all the good outcomes lie ahead so I will chip away at it — meal by meal, daily activity by daily activity. You shared this blog in the vein of motivation and encouragement ,and you have encouraged ME. Thanks for that !! I know you can and WILL achieve , and I will too 🙂

  5. James says:

    You can doo eet! You’ve done it before; you can do it again! BEsides, Zombies are just more incentive to run faster!

  6. Barbara Hochreiter says:

    Keep it up. As always, I’m so proud of you.

    • Pasquale says:

      I know, Mom. You’re my biggest fan. I’m trying. It’s been a rough year. Even though I only gained half back, I feel like I’m starting over from the beginning.

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