About Me

Hi. I’m Pasquale. I’m 36 years old. I’m fat. I started down this road at 388 pounds. This was me in 2009 at a marching band alumni reunion. That’s my sister on the left in front of James. You’ll learn about both of them plenty as you read my posts.

I was on the road to exceeding 388 pounds. 2010 offered me a lot of life changes. I lost my job and saw my family come apart. I was single again…and for a while, I just kept eating in an attempt to cope with it. I was already morbidly obese and the changes just brought me closer in my relationship to food. In October of 2010, I started to exercise again. I started making good food choices and counting calories. Things started to change.

2011 rolled around. In January I signed up for The Warrior Dash. I was 349 pounds. Around the same time, I discovered The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and started to align my eating and fitness routine with it. A Primal/Paleo lifestyle has changed me.

In October of 2011 I am happy to report that I’ve been able to get my weight under 300 pounds. I’m around 285 and continuing to lose. I still have no job but I’ve got my grip back on my life and I’m working hard to live a life I’ve never been able to live before…a healthier, happier one. Here’s a picture of me now. There’s much work to be done but I’m incredibly happy with my progress so far!

Things You Should Know

James and Matt:

My partners in crime. We went to high school together and, for several summers, we marched side-by-side on a hot, pavement slab with no Gatorade! At least there was plenty of fresh-squeezed O.J. 18 years later and we’re still friends but now we exercise side-by-side in an effort to enhance our lives! These guys continue to be my rock.

Marilyn: My P.T. Cruiser

My faithful, bi-curious steed who can’t seem to keep her “check engine” light off. She’s always giving Jean-Luc and Stella a ride.

Stella: My Stand Up Paddleboard

She’s my favorite even though she threw me off and broke my rib. She must have taken a tip from Jean-Luc.

Jean-Luc: My Trek bike

Its my “Trek” bike…get it? Trek? Jean-Luc and I have been through a lot. I took Jean-Luc to snowhill in April 2011 for some off-road biking and he punched me in the side and broke one of my ribs.