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Quick post today.  Day 20 did not yield a great deal of weight loss but my routine is strong, I feel great and I know that better days are ahead of me.  I feel very confident in my clothes.  If that’s the one thing I notice over all, the clothes are more loose than they were before so I know I’m downsizing even if the number isn’t reflecting that.  That’s really all the time I’ve got for today.  Busy day of work.  Tonight I’m going to see J. J. Grey and Mofro at House of Blues.  I’ve waited a long time for this concert!  If you haven’t heard them, they’re a mix of funk, soul and blues.  J. J. Grey has called his music “porch blues” in interviews.  He’s from Lochloosa, just north of Gainesville, and is nationally known.

Here’s a clip of a live show below but check their albums out on Spotify or iTunes.

The number on the scale is continuing to drop again and that’s a great feeling.  In past years, I’ve written blog posts to say that I don’t focus on the number.  Given the way I’ve behaved the last year with my weight, I’ve just seen the number hold and then go up.  Then it would hold and go down.  Then back up again.  So, on a morning like this, I see my hard work paying off.  Just over two weeks in the gym walking and doing hill sprints and I’ve seen the number steadily drop.  There hasn’t been a single day in the last two weeks that I’ve stood on the scale and seen it go back up.

More than the number…I feel better all around.  I’ve been trying to occupy my time with chores, getting out more and being social, practicing chords on my piano and other activities.  Anything I can do to take my mind off the fact that hiding on the shelf atop my bedroom closet is a basket full of bunnies, chocolate, peeps and jelly beans.  I’ve fought off cravings…moments of wanting to raid that thing but it’s not for me.  It’s there for my little one on Sunday and that’s where it has stayed.  I’ve continued a high protein, low carb, paleo diet.  I’m calorie, carb and fat restricting to a point but not an unhealthy one.

So, with all of this said, I’m happy to bring you an update for this week.  If you’ll go back two weeks (two blog posts), you’ll remember that I re-started this journey at 317 pounds and I’m pleased to tell you that I’m down to 305 this morning.  My first new goal is 299 pounds and I feel like that’s not very far off.

One more thing before I go to work.  I’ve been listening to a new song this week that I really enjoy.  It’s an a cappella arrangement covered by the group Voiceplay and it features Rachel Potter on the lead.  I’ve had the privilege of singing with most of these talented people, including Rachel.  They all do a really great job and it’s just fun to see and hear.  If you get a chance, there are several ways you can enjoy it.

  1. Listen on Spotify: I Knew You Were Trouble / As Long as You Love Me (feat. Rachel Potter)
  2. Download on iTunes: I Knew You Were Trouble / As Long as You Love Me (feat. Rachel Potter)
  3. Watch on YouTube: I Knew You Were Trouble / As Long as You Love Me (feat. Rachel Potter)
  4. Play the video below

That’s it!  Have a great week!  Talk to you later!

It’s funny. What I’m about to say is a first in my life.

My life revolves around my gym. I’ve been at the RDV Sportsplex for nearly two weeks now. Tomorrow will be 10 days that I’ve spent being aggressive toward my weight loss and physical health. I’m only taking days of rest on Sunday. This aligns itself with the Primal Blueprint and I intend to keep doing it.

When I say my life revolves around the gym, here’s a breakdown of what I mean.

Each night before I go to sleep, I…

  • Pack my breakfast and lunch into my lunch cooler and put it in the refrigerator
  • Pack my gym bag with my work clothes and toiletries for the next day
  • Put the gym bag in my car
  • Put my workout clothes beside the bed

Each morning when I wake up at 5:00 a.m., I…

  • Put on workout clothes beside the bed
  • Grab the lunch cooler and MacBook Pro
  • Drive to the RDV Sportsplex
  • Work out for one hour
  • Shower and dress at the gym
  • Drive one block away to my office

Each afternoon when I get home, I…

  • Remove the used gym clothes from the gym bag
  • Note: See “each night before I go to sleep, I…”

That’s the routine. Wash, rinse, repeat six days a week. There is one more element to this. Saturdays/Sundays. You call them weekends.

I have now made them into the time when I…

  • Prep all the breakfasts (2 HB eggs, 2 slices bacon)
  • Prep all the lunches (Some form of protein and vegetables, weighed and counted)
  • Fill all my water bottles
  • Wash all my office and gym clothes
  • Iron all of my office shirts
  • Fold the office clothes and arrange them on my dresser (this is probably the biggest task. I line my dresser for five full days of office wear. 1 pair socks, unders, shirt, belt, pants. When I get home from work every day for that packing routine up there, the clothes I’m wearing each day are there folded and ready to just grab and move into the gym bag with my shoes.)

So, it’s not easy but I’ll tell you that I’ve whipped my routine into shape over the last week and a half. That was a big challenge but something I really needed badly. I lost my grip on a disciplined lifestyle but I feel like I’ve got it back and I’m planning on maintaining it to the best of my ability.  It feels like everything else I do (work, social life, rest) revolves around this routine at the gym.

I’ve met with a personal trainer and I’m considering using his services for muscle workouts one day a week. He’ll teach me some things I can do without hurting my back and work with me for an hour. Then I’ll take what I learned and repeat it a second day each week on my own. He’s a really nice guy and related to a close family friend so I trust him to be honest. He’s got a spine injury just like me and that only increases my trust that he’ll be careful not to push me toward injury during this journey.

That’s about it for this week. I’d like to report a weight loss. While it’s not much, it’s still a loss. I’m down another 1.4 pounds this week. I think day 20 will really yield some better results.

Stick with me. Talk to you later!

Badass to Fatass

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Fatass to Badass

I’ve wasted some resources in this life.  Money, time, love, water.  Nothing hurts quite as much as a wasted effort.  I’m writing to you this morning from a failed attempt at weight loss.  I had direction and knew where I wanted to be but the last eight months have been spent gettting on track and falling back off to a point where I went from my lowest weight of 272 lbs back up to 317 lbs.  I’m dealing with it as best as I’m able to.  It’s not easy to remember where it all went wrong.  There were different factors.  The poor diet choices are my own to struggle with.  The fitness…it’s my own too but there is this one thing I have to admit.

TRUTH:  I’m a guy who enjoys working out early in the morning.  I was taking walks, bike rides, etc. at around 5:30 a.m. each day to get it done before coming in to work.

PROBLEM:  Sadly (and I hate to admit this), I’m afraid of the dark.  It’s a psychological thing for me.  I think it stems from too many horror movies as a kid and my current love of The Walking Dead.  It’s always dark at 5:30 a.m. and now with the time change, it’s dark until 7:30 a.m.

SOLUTION:  I’m working in web marketing and design for a large Orlando hospital now.  They had a HUGE discount for employees for the RDV Sportplex. So, I signed up!

It’s one street over from my office, it’s indoors, there’s light and everything I could want.  Treadmills for walking/jogging, a variety of different cycling equipment, bootcamp and group fitness classes that are similar to CrossFit, and a pool.  The pool part is very exciting because I don’t like to swim in lakes but want to start training for some mini triathlons.  Wednesday was my first day back and it works out well to pack a bag with my work clothes the night before.  I don’t need towels or toiletries because they provide everything there on the premises.

The first step is to lose the almost 50 pounds I’ve gained back and then get back to training for some fitness goals I want to reach.  I’m only 37 years old.  I’ve got time.  I hope some of you will come back and start reading again now that I’m going to post once per week.  I think one post per week will be much less annoying across the social networks than when I was posting five days per week.

[Edit 3/15/2013]

I originally wrote the post above on the evening of 3/12/2013 following my trip to RDV Sportsplex to register.  My diet has been as close to paleo but mostly primal (moderate dairy) as possible since 3/11/2013.  I did celebrate Pi Day (everyone brought a pie to the office to share for 3/14…get it? 3.14 is Pi so we celebrated 3/14 with pie) but I only had slivers and tastes of each pie.  I was up every morning from 3/13 to 3/15 at 5 a.m.  I brushed my teeth at home and went straight out the door to RDV.  My new routine requires a ton of discipline and planning in the way of packing office clothes and food before I go to bed.  Office clothes are in my car before 7:30 p.m. each night so I only have to grab my breakfast and lunch out of the refrigerator and head out the door in my gym clothes. 

So…I did that.  I did it for three days and ate clean(mostly) for five.  So I can offer you this edit to share the fact that I did get myself from 317 to 311.4 in five days.  It’s a step back down the path I was headed in.  MY goal is to hit the gym 6 days per week with one day of rest until I’m back down to 272lbs and headed toward 250 lbs.  Happy Friday to everyone!

Talk to you later!


Good Morning, Blog

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Fatass to Badass

Good morning, blog. Been away…haven’t seen you in a while. How ya been? Have you changed your smile and do ya think that we’ve grown up differently? Don’t seem the same…

Good morning, readers…if you’re still out there. Love an life get in the way. It’s a fact. It’s very easy to let the old habits slip back in. Sometimes you work so hard and then you finally get the girl and you get comfy and lazy and happy and…well…I of all people should have NO excuse for gaining back 15 pounds. I let it happen. No one force fed me the bad food or told me to stop exercising. That all came from within.

It took a relapse of massive back pain to kick me in the ass and get me going again. The herniated disc has been acting up again for over a week. That old familiar numbness and nerve pain shooting down the legs has returned and I know what’s got to be done because I refuse to go back to life in a wheelchair.

How does it look for a man who once took control of his life and leaped over flames and ran a half marathon to just give up and slide back into a lesser lifestyle? It looks pretty sh!tty. Admitting it is not easy. Getting the routine back is even more difficult but I started today. Despite the back pain, I got out and I walked. Only 30 minutes. Only 1.5 miles but I did something.

I’m not going to be full marathon runner. I’m not going to be an iron man. My back injury and knee issues are never going to allow me to complete those types of goals. I’ve accepted that. I can still be a 5k runner. I can still cycle 32 miles in a day. I can paddleboard 7 miles.

Right now, I’m hoping to heal enough to be able to do the Tower of Terror 10-miler in September but if my back doesn’t quit, I may end up sitting it out. I’m hoping to finish and then retire the idea of being a distance medalist.

Some of my friends have dozens of medals on their walls. I can be content with four.

I can’t promise regular blogging. I’m still really busy but felt a brief confession and explanation were overdue.

Stay well.

I don’t have a lot of time this morning but I still had to try to commit to one day a week of live posting. Guys, I am in the best shape of my life! I’m unemployed but so what?! I am eating near perfect. I am cooking at home and not eating out at restaurants. I’m exercising daily. Three days of Couch 2 5k and two days of strength training! I don’t know a lot of other 281 pound guys that can do 40+ pushups. (Note: I’m sure they’re out there somewhere but I don’t know them personally). My posture is improving, my jogging this morning was off the charts! I went the furthest I’ve gone in the shortest amount of time since the Disney Half Marathon! 2 miles in 33 minutes. That’s not record breaking for most, but it is for me. I finished and I still feel strong.

So much is happening. I’m getting interviews like crazy and I’m studying my tail off to increase my knowledge of front-end development. I’m also practicing my piano again and I love that part of my life. Life is good. Now if life will grant me a new job, it will only be better!

Quick words of encouragement to my friends:

Patti is in her third week of Primal 30-day challenge and is fed up with coconut but she’s doing great! Don’t eat those brownies, Patti!

Jennifer is in her second week of Primal 30-day challenge and overdid it on her first day of heavy lifting! Stay strong and you’ll see the results you want!

Jason has been emailing me asking for my expertise on Warrior Dash since he’ll be running his first in a few weeks. Jason weighs close to what I weigh now. Considering I’ve done this thing once at 349 pounds and again at 284 pounds, I think Jason’s going to do great!

Big shout out to Angie and Kevan! I worked with Angie back in my mortgage days. She and her husband Kevan are on day three of their Primal 30-day challenge and I’ve heard it’s going great so far. These two actually came to my house asking for help to get started and I showed them every resource I had. I’m hoping they’ll experience amazing transformation like me.

Have you checked out The Primal Blueprint? I know it’s not for everyone but it’s been working for me since January 2011 when I used to look like this:

Maybe it’s time to check it out! Have a great day! Talk to you later!

I have to say that until this first full week of unemployment, I’ve had a pretty minimal interest in Pinterest. This week, I thought back to a party I went to…maybe it was a Grease 2 party…maybe no other guys showed up so I was the only guy at what wound up being a girl’s night. Anyway, everything served at the party was created from a recipe found on Pinterest. So I wondered what kind of paleo/primal recipes I could find on there. I did a search over the weekend and I found several recipes. I made several of them this week and my review is below. If you click on the small images below each title, you’ll be taken to the pictures pinned on my Pinterest page. Once there, you’ll need to click the larger Pinterest image to get to the actual recipe website.

Eggs in an Onion Ring

This first recipe comes from and I found it right on time. I needed something new for breakfast. It’s simple to make and tastes really good. I made this on Tuesday morning for my father and we enjoyed a little variety for once.

Here’s how mine turned out.

Cocoa Roasted Almonds (and Cajun Roasted)

This recipe comes from These are incredible. First, I’d like to point out that Emerald has a version of these on supermarket shelves. Their version contains Dry Roasted Almonds, Modified Food Starch (potato), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Cocoa Powder (processed with alkali), Salt, Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose. This homemade version only uses egg white, water, cocoa and sugar. Now since I don’t eat processed sugar and the recipe creator suggests using powdered sugar, I grabbed my mortar and pestle and some turbinado sugar and started grinding the crystals into a powder. This allowed me to replace the processed sugar with raw cane juice and I feel better about that. These take 5 minutes to prep and 10 minutes in the oven. An almond by itself is approximately 7 calories. Adding the other ingredients only takes the count to 9 calories per almond.

I also tried my own version by making my own cajun blend and replacing the cocoa and sugar with that. 10 minutes later I had cajun roasted almonds that were salty and a little spicy but a great snack. The herbs, salt and spices were so low in calories that it didn’t raise the count per almond. This version is only 7 calories each.

Here are my nuts.

Blue Cheese Mini Pizzas

So you’re telling me there’s a way to have a primal/paleo pizza as a splurge once in a while? I’m sold. This recipe comes from and involves using coconut flour, eggs, parmesan and herbs to create mini flatbreads. I also think these would work well as small primal herb crackers. The recipe on Fast Paleo uses blue cheese and red onions as toppings. My friend Jennifer(in the midst of her Primal Blueprint 30-day challenge) came over the other night to help me with a computer issue. I made a bunch of crusts and put out grilled buffalo chicken breast, blue cheese, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions, veggies, all-natural sausage and other toppings and we were about to build our own mini pizzas.

Have a look at the pizzas we topped:
And here’s one of mine coming out of the oven:

So there you go. Some great recipes found on Pinterest. If you’d like to see my Primal Recipes Pinboard, just click here. I’ve been updating it a lot more lately.

Things are pretty good lately. I’m still locked into my exercise routine each day and I’m eating clean and sticking to the 30-day challenge. I’m so ready to be down in the 270s! Stick around for weight updates tomorrow!

Talk to you later.

Wow…I think Ferris said it best when he said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Life got ultra-fast on me this week because it was just last week I was saying how my new job was keeping me from being able to blog as much as I used to. I’d been talking to so many people and telling them how great the job was and how much I loved walking through the doors to get to my desk each morning and then…two days ago, on Monday…that job was snatched away from me. Another layoff. I don’t know how many more of these unemployed moments I’ll be able to stand in a two-year period. The difference with this job was I was finally doing something I loved. Something creative…I’d work all day there. Sometimes I’d work 10-14 hours in a day and then while at home at night, I’d spend time studying the necessary skills to allow me to be better the next day when I went back. I’ve never really enjoyed any job I’ve had as much as this latest one but I find myself seeking employment again.

I just find it laughable that I was just telling all of you how I wasn’t going to have time to maintain the blog the way I used to and then this happens. Is this a sign? What am I meant to do now with the responsibilities I just took on that require a monthly payment? I’ve got to figure it all out. I’ve got to figure it out quick.

On a more related note, I’m still doing well on my 30-day challenge and experiencing one of my lowest weights in a while. I’m hoping to have really good news to share this Friday when I do my weigh-in.

Anyone need a Junior Front End Web Developer?

Talk to you soon.
Talk to you soon!

I need to keep this brief as my schedule has gotten a little tighter this morning and I’m blogging within 30 minutes of post time. I can’t keep up with the blog like I used to. My recent failures at staying on track from December to last week are no way to set examples. It’s also been difficult for me to find the time to research and provide content like I used to. To be quite honest, working on a computer all day doing web development puts me in this mood where I don’t even want to touch my computer when I come home each night. I’ve been playing piano again. I just got my old guitar back and I’m planning to start learning that again too.

I apologize that I can’t bring you five posts per week. I apologize even more that, this morning, I have to tell you I can’t even bring you three anymore. My worst fear is that I would wind up having to abandon this blog altogether…I haven’t reached that point yet. Here is where I’ve come to with it. I am going back to basics on this blog. My original reason was for family and friends to be able to motivate me and keep track of my progress. That’s what it’s going to have to go back to. I’ll do my best to post once a week on Wednesdays. It may be about my progress, a recipe I want to share, a guest post, a story, a rant, interesting and relevant content from elsewhere on the web, etc. Basically I’ll be randomizing the old structure one day per week. Fitness updates are automated and I plan to keep them going.

If you come to this blog for an example, for motivation…I’m sorry to be a let down but I just haven’t been a good example lately. This week I forced myself to go back on the Primal Blueprint 30-day challenge just to try and get a grip on my lack of motivation and structure. I started couch to 5k over again and I just enjoyed my second morning of jogging. It’s really the first time I’ve started jogging again since the Disney half marathon in January.

As for my weekly weigh-in…I think I’ll try to keep that post going on Friday mornings. I’ve had a gain of 10 pounds and am back in the 290s and I just haven’t felt like admitting that to 2500+ people. I’m admitting it now and I’m doing the best I can to get back to the place I was in 2011 that kept me so determined to lose all of this weight and get down to 180 pounds or less.

I need your comments, motivation and friendship to reach my final goals. Thanks for being so much of that for me all this time and please keep giving me a little push.

Talk to you soon!

Fatass to Badass: 3/9/12

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Fatass to Badass

Considering the fact that I started this week off at 290 pounds, my weigh-in this morning showed me a 3 pound loss for the work I’ve done. I stepped up my game a little this week as you’ll see from my Fitness Updates. I biked to work one day. Then I decided that wasn’t for me. Too much planning involved and making sure I bring everything to the office to shower there instead of home. I had to drag my clothes, shoes, lunch, towel, toiletries, etc. in my backpack on the bike. It was way too bulky. So yesterday, I got up at 6 a.m. and got out the door with the bike by 6:30. I biked 5.6 miles around Altamonte in 30 minutes and got back to the house with enough time to shower, eat breakfast, pack lunch, organize my place and watch an episode of Archer. Since I could fit all that in and still get to work on time, I can probably bike for a full hour and cut out the TV show. I’d still make it to work on time. It was a great ride around Altamonte and I didn’t have to worry about showing up for work sweaty and rushing. This morning I woke up and did my Primal Blueprint Heavy Lifting. I literally roll out of my bed and do the lifting exercises right there beside the bed.

There’s something about being closer to work and being in my own place that’s starting to help me get my routine back in place. I’m excited! Have a great weekend!

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Have a great weekend! See you next week!