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Weekly Weigh-In: 4/13/12

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In


I feel pretty good about this today! Weight is down again. Not much but still lower! I’m getting pretty close to 270s again!


Wow…I think Ferris said it best when he said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Life got ultra-fast on me this week because it was just last week I was saying how my new job was keeping me from being able to blog as much as I used to. I’d been talking to so many people and telling them how great the job was and how much I loved walking through the doors to get to my desk each morning and then…two days ago, on Monday…that job was snatched away from me. Another layoff. I don’t know how many more of these unemployed moments I’ll be able to stand in a two-year period. The difference with this job was I was finally doing something I loved. Something creative…I’d work all day there. Sometimes I’d work 10-14 hours in a day and then while at home at night, I’d spend time studying the necessary skills to allow me to be better the next day when I went back. I’ve never really enjoyed any job I’ve had as much as this latest one but I find myself seeking employment again.

I just find it laughable that I was just telling all of you how I wasn’t going to have time to maintain the blog the way I used to and then this happens. Is this a sign? What am I meant to do now with the responsibilities I just took on that require a monthly payment? I’ve got to figure it all out. I’ve got to figure it out quick.

On a more related note, I’m still doing well on my 30-day challenge and experiencing one of my lowest weights in a while. I’m hoping to have really good news to share this Friday when I do my weigh-in.

Anyone need a Junior Front End Web Developer?

Talk to you soon.
Talk to you soon!

Weekly Weigh-In: 4/6/12

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

You know I’ve been slacking since October. You know I’ve been ballooning up and down since then too. I was gaining one, losing two. Gaining two, losing one. I have been eating horribly and my exercise and daily routine got really screwy…until last Sunday. On 4/1/12, I challenged myself to go back into the Primal Blueprint 30-day challenge. I challenged myself to eat only meats, nuts, fats, vegetables and limited fruit and dairy. I challenged myself to do 3-5 hours of Cardio per week and two days of strength training. I challenged myself to drink more water again. I challenged myself to cut out grains, processed foods, sugar…even primal sweets. Let’s just say I haven’t had any dark chocolate or primal ice cream this whole week. I challenged myself to get 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day and 8 hours of sleep each night. I challenged myself to play more and this weekend, I’m getting with my friend, Joe, and we’re going to accomplish that with a fun and challenging bike ride.

I also challenged myself to get back to jogging again. It’s almost June and that means registration for the Disney Half Marathon. I want to be another hundred pounds lighter by January 2013 and I plan to finish that race stronger. I don’t care about faster. I just care about crossing the finish line at a decent pace without holding back tears from pain.

So…has all this hard work for the first week of the 30-day challenge paid off? Well, let’s just say I weighed in on 4/1/12 at 290 pounds. That weight crushed me. I was so close to 300 again I really got pissed. I had to get serious. I refuse to ever go back to 300 or more again! So I did all those things above and today…well, today the scale shows:

Yup! A six pound loss for my hard work and this is only the first week. I’m hoping to see much more success by the time May 1st rolls around. Stick with me and let’s see how it goes! 270s, here I come!!! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Talk to you later!

Fitness Update

My muscles feel good today but, man, those level 3 planks are tough. I can’t even hold them for half the time I’m supposed to. So many more muscles are engaging in my core with this version of the plank. Mark Sisson makes it look so easy here but I assure you it is not that easy when you weigh as much as I do.

Here is my workout from this morning:



Had a good breakfast too!


I need to keep this brief as my schedule has gotten a little tighter this morning and I’m blogging within 30 minutes of post time. I can’t keep up with the blog like I used to. My recent failures at staying on track from December to last week are no way to set examples. It’s also been difficult for me to find the time to research and provide content like I used to. To be quite honest, working on a computer all day doing web development puts me in this mood where I don’t even want to touch my computer when I come home each night. I’ve been playing piano again. I just got my old guitar back and I’m planning to start learning that again too.

I apologize that I can’t bring you five posts per week. I apologize even more that, this morning, I have to tell you I can’t even bring you three anymore. My worst fear is that I would wind up having to abandon this blog altogether…I haven’t reached that point yet. Here is where I’ve come to with it. I am going back to basics on this blog. My original reason was for family and friends to be able to motivate me and keep track of my progress. That’s what it’s going to have to go back to. I’ll do my best to post once a week on Wednesdays. It may be about my progress, a recipe I want to share, a guest post, a story, a rant, interesting and relevant content from elsewhere on the web, etc. Basically I’ll be randomizing the old structure one day per week. Fitness updates are automated and I plan to keep them going.

If you come to this blog for an example, for motivation…I’m sorry to be a let down but I just haven’t been a good example lately. This week I forced myself to go back on the Primal Blueprint 30-day challenge just to try and get a grip on my lack of motivation and structure. I started couch to 5k over again and I just enjoyed my second morning of jogging. It’s really the first time I’ve started jogging again since the Disney half marathon in January.

As for my weekly weigh-in…I think I’ll try to keep that post going on Friday mornings. I’ve had a gain of 10 pounds and am back in the 290s and I just haven’t felt like admitting that to 2500+ people. I’m admitting it now and I’m doing the best I can to get back to the place I was in 2011 that kept me so determined to lose all of this weight and get down to 180 pounds or less.

I need your comments, motivation and friendship to reach my final goals. Thanks for being so much of that for me all this time and please keep giving me a little push.

Talk to you soon!

Fitness Update

Moved a few things up to level 3 today. So far, so good on the 30-day challenge. I have some announcements to make tomorrow. Talk to you soon.


The Road: 3/21/12: Sick Sucks

Posted: March 21, 2012 in The Road

Being sick is no fun. Just last week I was going on about not breaking my routine and I’ve been thrown off this week big time. I haven’t been able to bike or lift. My eating is still good but my fitness has been put on hold until I get better. Hoping to be done with this by the weekend.


St. Patty’s Day has come and gone. Normally I wouldn’t make corned beef and cabbage but dad was coming over to stay the night so we could get to Aquatica early on Sunday. He’s always enjoyed corned beef and cabbage so I decided to make it.

Saturday we were going on a long bike trip with James and his family. James is training for an Ironman. His wife, Lori is training for a smaller triathlon. I’m still deciding what I want to do next. Anyway, it made sense to have this dinner in the slow cooker while we were riding our bikes.

I woke up early and the padawan helped me prep. I quartered potatoes, sliced carrots and onions and she layered everything in the crockpot and helped season it. This was super easy. The corned beef goes on top of the vegetables and it cooks for 8 hours on high. At the seventh hour, you open the crockpot and add in the chopped cabbage to steam during the last hour.

It came out awesome. Dad enjoyed it, the padawan tried everything saying that it tasted similar to ham or a hotdog…whatever works. I’m having a high rate of success getting her to try new things.

I even had leftovers. I portioned out two containers of corned beef and veggies for dad but ran out of beef. I had so many veggies that I portioned five containers for me and added one link of Aidelle’s Andouille sausage to each container and froze them for my lunches.

I don’t feel bad about the white potatoes. The Primal Blueprint allows for white potatoes in moderation. If you’re looking for an easy meal that will feed about four people very well, I’d let the crockpot do the work!

Here’s the recipe I used:

Fatass to Badass: 3/16/12

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

Yeah!!! Another 2 pounds off this week! 290 to 287 to 285 over the last two weeks. I can deal with the fact that the scale is starting to ONLY go down again!!! I’ve worked hard, I’ve eaten good, I am starting to refine this routine down to a repetition that comes naturally each day and it’s working! 270s are coming soon and I’m determined to hit 250 between May and June!

Here are the posts from the week.


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Clicking on this next link will show you all of my fitness events for the week.


Here are links to all of the quick photos I took this week

Have a great weekend! See you next week!

Weekly Weigh-In: 3/16/12

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

My trusty Eat Smart Scale says…

Come back at noon for Fatass to Badass!

Talk to you later!