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Weekly Weigh-In: 5/4/12

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In


Not much movement in weight this week but I’ve been jogging longer and farther. Things will only get better. Can’t write much today. Just wanted to say Happy Friday and Happy Star Wars Day! May the FOURTH be with you!!!

Weekly Weigh-In: 4/27/12

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In


I had a feeling I’d be out of the 280s this week!!! So happy to be down below goal #2 today. I got this low during a fast for about a day but went right back to the 280s.

I’ve really worked hard these last few weeks and I’ve got no intention of letting up. I’ve got 10 miles to run in September and a lot of training to do to get there.

My next goal is to get under 250. The routine I’m doing every day is going to see me get there before the big run! I may not be ready for the beach this summer but in 2013…look out!

(NOTE: I may not actually go to the beach to show off my slim bod. I still hate sand and salt water. But if you’re near the pool at my apartment complex…look out!)

Weekly Weigh-In: 4/20/12

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In


I feel great today. It looks like I only lost .2 pounds but I’m sure there’s been a fat to muscle conversion this week. My clothes are getting loose…my skin is too. I’ve jogged longer, lifted more and eaten so clean this week.

I’ve got two friends doing the PB 30-day challenge with me now and tonight I’m meeting with three old friends to discuss how they can get started. Too bad there’s no money in motivating/convincing/teaching people how to get their lives aligned with The Primal Blueprint. The real payment for me is the satisfaction of seeing others as happy as I am.

Stay tuned! 270s next week! I know it!

Weekly Weigh-In: 4/13/12

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In


I feel pretty good about this today! Weight is down again. Not much but still lower! I’m getting pretty close to 270s again!

Weekly Weigh-In: 4/6/12

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

You know I’ve been slacking since October. You know I’ve been ballooning up and down since then too. I was gaining one, losing two. Gaining two, losing one. I have been eating horribly and my exercise and daily routine got really screwy…until last Sunday. On 4/1/12, I challenged myself to go back into the Primal Blueprint 30-day challenge. I challenged myself to eat only meats, nuts, fats, vegetables and limited fruit and dairy. I challenged myself to do 3-5 hours of Cardio per week and two days of strength training. I challenged myself to drink more water again. I challenged myself to cut out grains, processed foods, sugar…even primal sweets. Let’s just say I haven’t had any dark chocolate or primal ice cream this whole week. I challenged myself to get 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day and 8 hours of sleep each night. I challenged myself to play more and this weekend, I’m getting with my friend, Joe, and we’re going to accomplish that with a fun and challenging bike ride.

I also challenged myself to get back to jogging again. It’s almost June and that means registration for the Disney Half Marathon. I want to be another hundred pounds lighter by January 2013 and I plan to finish that race stronger. I don’t care about faster. I just care about crossing the finish line at a decent pace without holding back tears from pain.

So…has all this hard work for the first week of the 30-day challenge paid off? Well, let’s just say I weighed in on 4/1/12 at 290 pounds. That weight crushed me. I was so close to 300 again I really got pissed. I had to get serious. I refuse to ever go back to 300 or more again! So I did all those things above and today…well, today the scale shows:

Yup! A six pound loss for my hard work and this is only the first week. I’m hoping to see much more success by the time May 1st rolls around. Stick with me and let’s see how it goes! 270s, here I come!!! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Talk to you later!

Fatass to Badass: 3/16/12

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

Yeah!!! Another 2 pounds off this week! 290 to 287 to 285 over the last two weeks. I can deal with the fact that the scale is starting to ONLY go down again!!! I’ve worked hard, I’ve eaten good, I am starting to refine this routine down to a repetition that comes naturally each day and it’s working! 270s are coming soon and I’m determined to hit 250 between May and June!

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Have a great weekend! See you next week!

Weekly Weigh-In: 3/16/12

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

My trusty Eat Smart Scale says…

Come back at noon for Fatass to Badass!

Talk to you later!

Weekly Weigh-In: 3/9/12

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

My trusty Eat Smart Scale says…

Come back at noon for Fatass to Badass!

Talk to you later!

Weekly Weigh-In: 3/2/12

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

My trusty Eat Smart Scale says…

Come back at noon for Fatass to Badass!

Talk to you later!

Weekly Weigh-In 2/24/12

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Weekly Weigh-In

My trusty Eat Smart Scale says…

Come back at noon for Fatass to Badass!

Talk to you later!