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I received an email from David Haas asking if he could provide a guest post for the blog. David is a guest blogger for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and has provide some informative content for getting back on your feet to get moving again after cancer treatment.

Getting Fit, Getting Ahead

Even if you are still reeling from your mesothelioma treatment or chemotherapy for breast cancer and even if you feel as though your legs have been knocked out from underneath you, you’ll find that exercise is something that you need to consider. Given the fact that the National Cancer Institute states that strenuous exercise can prevent certain types of cancer it makes perfect sense that exercise can help you prevent cancer from recurring. Consider these tips for getting a workout that suits you.

Blend Your Exercise Into Your Day

Plenty of people make big resolutions to get fit, but that really starts to slide when they run into the inconvenience of exercise. There is no reason to lie about it. Exercise takes time and effort. You need to put on special clothes to do it, and you need to go to a special place. The best way to combat the inconvenience is to give exercise a place in your day. For example, your exercise can be added to your wake-up routine, or you can simply exercise on your way home from work. If you incorporate your exercise in your day, it helps take out some of the inconvenience.

Ask Others Along

If you have never seriously exercised before, you will find that it can be hard to pick up the habit. Remember that it is totally acceptable to ask others for help. Ask your family to come along with you when you head to the gym or ask friends to help keep you honest. This is a good way to form closer bonds with the people who are closer with you, and you will find that many of them want help with their workouts too.

Ask for Professional Help

If you are still feeling a little shaky after treatment, chances are good that you may need more of a shove before you can exercise to your fullest potential. This is where a professional trainer can come in handy. A professional trainer that you trust can help you get back up to speed in record time, and if you are new to exercise in general, he or she can show you what all the machines can do. A professional trainer takes a lot of the guesswork out of exercise, and at the end of the day, they can guide you towards becoming a fitter human being.

Be Compassionate To Yourself

There are far too many people who turn working out into a stressful chore. They think that because they cannot do a certain number of reps or because they had to skip the gym because they were feeling ill that they are somehow morally deficient. The truth of the matter is that everyone skips from time to time, and no one is really doing as well as they would like. Getting fit is a process, not taking a step from one state to another. Be compassionate to yourself when you mess up and resolve to do better.

Exercise can do you a world of good whether you are in recovery or otherwise, so contemplate your fitness and think about what you really want.