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Coconut Milk

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Quick Photos


Just made my first batch of homemade coconut milk. I made half of what the recipe called for and wound up with a cup of milk on the left. I strained the pulp(on the right) and am planning to use that to add to fruit smoothies this week so nothing goes to waste. You can find the recipe for this by linking to my Primal Pinterest board:

This is so much cheaper than $2 per can! Enjoy!


Primal Salisbury Steaks

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Quick Photos


I’m about to enjoy some leftover Primal Salisbury Steaks from last night. Can you see the spinach?

This is one way to get a your green vegetables down.

Found this recipe here:


My father, Ned, Jeramie, David, a corporate layoff and a choice to not allow life’s beatings to get me down.

Without these things, I’d have no reason to be paddleboarding today.


I have to give a big shout out to Maggiano’s Little Italy on International Drive in Orlando. Once they found out I was paleo/primal, they brought me a grilled chicken and a salad during the cooking class. I cut up the chicken, added it to the salad and made a vinaigrette with some oil and balsamic.

So while everyone else was eating pizza and pasta, I was staying within the guidelines of the Primal Blueprint without deviating from the plan.

Sometimes, in a restaurant, all you have to do is explain your dietary needs and ask nicely.

Special thanks to Ashley and Joy at Maggiano’s for coordinating this for me and surprising me with it. Things like this help restore my faith in good customer service!


Doing an Italian cooking class with my little one today. They made pizza. Lunch for adults is pasta and pizza.

$16 later for myself and I get to eat the cold meat toppings that are leftover from the pizza making. Chicken. Sausage.

…I’m not breaking the rules though…


We heard Aquatica fills up to capacity early during spring break so we came out early…REALLY early. My plan worked and we’re the first ones here but we may be waiting a while.



It’s Almost Pi Day

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Quick Photos


No. I didn’t spell it wrong. My office celebrates Pi Day on 3/14. Get it? Pi? 3.14…

Anyway, everyone brings in some variety of pie. I decided to make a grain-free pumpkin pie sweetened with honey. Maybe I can show my co-workers that eating healthy doesn’t mean it tastes bad.

Here’s mine in the oven.

Creative Peddling

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Quick Photos


I’m not talking about cycling here. I’m talking about Sam here. I met Sam while renting a DVD from Redbox.

I keep some emergency $$ in my wallet and I try to forget about it. Seeing Sam’s sign and laughing at his creativity made me remember the $$ was there. Now Sam has the $$ for an emergency.

Give it up for this guy for keeping his situation light-hearted!

Treats in the Mail!

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Quick Photos, Uncategorized


I received some product from Tanka to review for you on Monday! Looking forward to tasting and sharing my thoughts!