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If you’re looking for something amazing to do on an upcoming weekend, do this! You pay one price and you get this…

Did you see the hair on that guy? Seeing it in person is worth the ticket price alone.

You also get this…

Seriously, these are two great talents. These videos don’t even do justice to how amazing it sounds when you’re there in person and the auditorium is vibrating with resonance. East coast A Cappella meets West coast A Cappella for one day only. If you want tickets, you click the following link. I’ll be there so come say hello, hear the great music and then check out my Weekend Review post on 2/13/2012 when I write about how great it was!


Put in the discount code 42FiveOFF for $5.00 off the price. Make sure to type it exactly as it appears. The code is case sensitive.

Wow. This article says that Orlando, FL already has the highest number of fast-food restaurants per 100,000 people.

Franchise owners consider my hometown a top growth market.

Read more from Orlando Sentinel by clicking here

Stop being fat, Orlando! Paying for convenience can equate to paying for being obese and sick. Spend your money on better food or a gym!!!

I wanted to send you all a quick post to say Happy New Year! I’m spending today bringing you brand new content for the week leading up to my half marathon at Disney on January 7th, 2012. Two weeks later I’m running Warrior Dash on January 21, 2012. While the month will be busy, I will not fail to bring you decent weekly content.

I wanted to start by telling you that I’m raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through my run with Warrior Dash. That gives me 20 days to raise support from all of you. If you have it in your heart to give, please do so before January 21, 2012. Even $1.00 will help get me closer to the goal of $250.00. To donate money, you can visit my St. Jude Donation Page by clicking this image then clicking on the DONATE NOW button!

Thank you in advance! Stop in tomorrow for new posts! Talk to you later!

I’ve been attempting to get more involved in blogging regularly. The thing I’ve decided is that I don’t want to write a blog that just says “look at me and how cool my sh!t is”. I don’t want to write a blog that whines “look at me and how frustrating my sh!t is”. I want to be informative for my readers while I’m sharing my story at the same time. So, starting next Monday, the blog is going to a 5-day week. Here’s what you can expect.

Mondays: Weekend Review
Every Monday I’ll be writing a post called “Weekend Review”. I am going to make a grand attempt at finding something that is exciting, local, primal and fun. This may be a store, farm, fitness outing, restaurant or weekend project that I’ve participated in. Whatever I end up doing on my weekend, you’re going to hear about it on Monday.

Tuesday: From the Kitchen
Every Tuesday, I plan to present a new post that offers a recipe. It will either be one created by me or my primal friends. If it’s a recipe from another source, I’ll share the link with you. If it’s original, I’ll include the recipe. In addition to that, I’ll have made and tasted the recipe and will offer my review of the textures, flavor and what to expect in the way of prep time/cook time in the kitchen.

Wednesday: Weekly Topic
This will be my main blog post of the week. This will be my personal blog entry of the week and I hope you’ll find it relevant and offer support and encouragement as I continue my quest toward changing my body type on the online dating sites from “A Few Extra Pounds” to “Athletic”! …that’s a little single sarcasm there. I have a blog coming up soon talking about how I really don’t care how people look at me anymore.

Thursday: The Missing Link
I read a lot of blogs. My favorites are Mark’s Daily Apple, Primal Toad, Ben Does Life,, Balanced Bites, Everyday Paleo, Wellness Mama, The Cavewoman Cafe, and she cooks…he cleans. Each week as I peruse my favorite blogs, I’ll be copying links to recipes or articles worth sharing with my readers and you can get them here on Thursdays.

Friday: Weekly Weigh-In and From Fatass to Badass
That’s right. Friday will be a two post day. I’ll start each Friday with Weekly Weigh-In. This post won’t contain any whining or frustrations. It will simply be a photo of my scale on Friday mornings with a quick text entry about whether I lost or gained pounds. I’ve been a big chicken in the past. If I had a gain, I’d skip posting for those weeks. I promise from now on that I’ll be posting each week whether I experience a loss or a gain. Weekly Weigh-In will post each Friday at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Later in the day I’ll post “From Fatass to Badass”. This will be the venue for me to post a summary of the current week. I’ll talk about my exercise, my injuries, my life, good times and bad…you get the idea. If I’m happy or frustrated about my weekly weigh-in, this is where you’ll hear about it. It’s just a quick, random wrap-up to my week and a possible look into what I’m doing for the upcoming weekend.

Now that you know the structure I’ll start off with the very first…

From Fatass to Badass

This week has been a painful, frustrating week. I don’t mind that I gained a pound. It’s really not my biggest issue. If I haven’t personally shared this story with you already, then you don’t know that last week I took Stella out to the Winter Park chain of lakes. I paddled all the way around Lake Virginia and back to the beach near Dinky Dock. When I got back, Paddleboard Orlando was on the beach and Jeramie was instructing a group of first-timers. A few friends were there helping out so I decided to go back out for another paddle. Jeramie led the first-timers into Lake Mizell and that’s when things went bad for me. This was, SERIOUSLY, the worst day I’ve had on the paddleboard so far. I’ve become more confident standing up quickly and my confidence led to my first fall of the day. We were all sitting and taking a break. When the group got up to move to another part of the lake, I hopped up quickly to a standing position. My body was at a bit of a forward angle and I noticed Stella and my feet going back as my head, shoulders and chest fell forward. FACE PLANT! I fell into Stella face first and then off the left side into Lake Mizell. Stella skimmed off to my right so I swam over and got back on. I caught up with the group, passed them, turned around paddled to the back of the group and then turned again to follow. This time…well, this turn ended badly for me. As the board turned, I lost my balance. The left side of the board went down into the water and the right side came up. I started to fall off the left side and, in an attempt to avoid the board skimming far from me, I controlled my fall and stayed close to the board. BIG mistake. As my feet entered the water, Stella lurched back up so the left side that was under the water was now up in the air and my right side landed on the left side of Stella as she bucked up out of the water. The next thing I knew I was in the water with a massive pain on my right side just below my chest. “F&!*$#!!!”, I thought as I immediately remembered this pain. It felt very similar to the time I broke one of my lower ribs when I landed on the handlebars of Jean-Luc back in April at Snowhill. Had I broken it again? The pain was pretty major but I swung my leg up onto the Stella, and got to my knees.

The group was pretty far ahead of me but I caught up. I was extremely careful not to fall again. No more quick turns. My side was aching bad. I let Jeramie know I think I’d broken my rib on the fall and I paddled away from the group because I had no interest in being a liability for my friends at Paddleboard Orlando. I got myself back to shore and managed to get Stella back on the car. I think the adrenaline was the only thing that gave me enough strength. I drove Stella home and had to wait for my father to arrive and help me take her down off the car.

It’s been six days since injury and I’ve spent a painful week hopped up on ice packs and ibuprofen. I haven’t been able to exercise but I hope to start walking again next week. Today is the day I was supposed to officially start training for the 2012 Disney Half-Marathon but I have this injury setting me back a few weeks. The pain has subsided enough for me to realize it’s only a bruised rib and, possibly, some torn muscle. It’s not nearly as painful as the broken rib I had to endure back in April. I can actually sleep on my back with this one and the pain is all the way at the top of my right ribcage instead of the bottom where I had the pain in April. All I can say is if Adam felt pain similar to this when God took his rib to make Eve…If I were him, I would have offered to stay single in the garden with the serpent and the beasts.

Looking Ahead

It’s the weekend. I hope you all have a great one! I’m planning to take a trip over to The Winter Park Dairy tomorrow for more blue cheese and you can read my first “Weekend Review” about it next Monday. I’m looking forward to sharing this local, family operated, farm with you next week. If you’re in central Florida, you’ve got to stop in there and see what the Green Family has available.