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I wanted to send you all a quick post to say Happy New Year! I’m spending today bringing you brand new content for the week leading up to my half marathon at Disney on January 7th, 2012. Two weeks later I’m running Warrior Dash on January 21, 2012. While the month will be busy, I will not fail to bring you decent weekly content.

I wanted to start by telling you that I’m raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through my run with Warrior Dash. That gives me 20 days to raise support from all of you. If you have it in your heart to give, please do so before January 21, 2012. Even $1.00 will help get me closer to the goal of $250.00. To donate money, you can visit my St. Jude Donation Page by clicking this image then clicking on the DONATE NOW button!

Thank you in advance! Stop in tomorrow for new posts! Talk to you later!

I’m Blessed!

In late June, I asked friends and family if anyone would be willing to donate to help me cover the registration fees for the Walt Disney World 1/2-Marathon in 2012. It was already 50% full and I didn’t want to miss my chance. A PayPal account was set up on June 25th and I received full support from friends, family and fans in just 16 days!


I waited two days on the edge of my seat for the funds to transfer from PayPal to my private bank account so I could register for the event. I woke up this morning to find the funds moved over this morning and immediately went to the ESPN/WDW website to register. I experienced a huge mix of emotions…everything but sadness and anger. I was really happy as I filled out my registration. The thought of crossing that finish line made me very excited! Then the fear came. I’ve finished two 5k runs. That’s just over three miles and the 1/2-marathon will be over 13. I know I can handle three and now I’ve got to be able to prepare for 10 more. The fear of failure will definitely help motivate me through the training.

One More 5k

I’m signed up for Track Shack’s 20th Annual Celebration of Running 5k on 8/13/2011. After that, my focus will be completely on the Disney 1/2-Marathon. My first day of marathon training is July 30, 2011. That training will continue for six months at a minimum of three days per week. I think I’d like to do four to six days of training per week.

Thanks For Your Support

Thanks to all of those who made this possible. I understand that many are in the same financial boat as I am and unable to contribute toward my goals. I’m still thankful that you believe in my mission and support me by sharing my story.

To those that made this possible by financial contribution: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Divorce, job loss and continued unemployment have made this a difficult season in my life but it’s the season in my life that I’ve changed most for the better. I’ve never had another time in my life with so much difficulty that yielded positive results. This is that time for me and I’m very grateful for all of it.

Stay Tuned

I am going to document as much of my training, feelings, goals and frustrations over the next six months. Stay with me for the story.

Talk to you later!

My Ultimate Goal

I think a lot of you follow me on Facebook and know my situation. On January 29th I finished Warrior Dash. I believe it was just a few days later that James asked “Hey Pal, think you can do the Disney 1/2 Marathon in 2012?” and I told him I believed I could after a substantial weight loss and adequate training. Six months have passed. I’ve lost 89 pounds. There are six more months until the 1/2 Marathon and I have every intention of losing much more before it rolls around. I want to do this more than anything! It’s kind of my big end of the year goal for 2011. I start 2012 with a fitness leap into a 13.1 mile race. I’m not looking to win or finish in a certain amount of time. I’m just looking to finish. The weight loss is still happening and I’ve been exercising non-stop. I’ve found a few 12-week training programs that I’d start prior to the event.

A quick story

I’ve been a vocalist for a few local entertainment companies. One cold January morning, a bunch of us were asked to provide support in the form of standing out in the freezing cold and cheering on the runners during the Disney Marathon weekend. I remember standing there freezing, clapping, shouting, shaking noisemakers and running back and forth to the bus to get warm. Here, in front of me, were so many athletes braving the cold to cross that finish line so they could say “I did it”. Meanwhile, I’m standing there saying “I’ll NEVER do something like that”. That was in 2006. Look at me now! I’m saying “okay…I know I said ‘never’ but I think I really WANT to do that!!!”. It’s funny how a fat, lazy slob of a guy can go from sitting on the couch to turning it around one day and getting outside to get as far from that couch as possible in an effort to take back the years of my life that I lost to obesity. I’m really embracing and loving the change!

What I need

Unemployment is making this difficult. I have been applying for jobs…sometimes I send out 15 to 30 applications each week to possible employers. Until one of them chooses me, I need help to raise support for my fitness events. I need help from you.

How to provide support

At the time of this post, the 1/2 Marathon is already 50% full. I’ve set up a PayPal account for incoming donations. If you believe in me and would like to support me for the Disney 1/2 Marathon or any of my fitness achievements, please donate. I’ve got other events coming up for 2011/2012 and every bit helps. All you need to do is click the button below and give whatever you’re comfortably able to. It’s a secure transaction and you can set the donation to the amount of your choice. Even the smallest amount is greatly appreciated!

Weekly Weigh-In

I’m down to 298. Not much but I’m perfectly okay with that and, with the amount of biking and jogging I’ve got lined up, I expect to see some results next week.

Next Week: Front Running Sports

Stop back next week to read my review of Central Florida’s Specialty Run, Walk and Triathlon Store.

Talk to you later!

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